Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where To Find All Of Order Members From The Wardens Of Faith Branch

The Order of the Ancients is a group of people who seek to control the world to suit their own needs, and it is up to Eivor to help bring them down. There are five branches of Order members, Zealots, and a Grand Maegester who runs the entire operation. One of these branches is called the Wardens of Faith, but it can be difficult to locate all the members.

They are scattered across the map and you must find clues and take out other members in order to figure out their exact location. You can always go into your menu and mark them on the map if you have unlocked their location, as they could be anywhere in England, Norway, and even Vinland!

The Oil

Location: Fearnhamme, Hamtunscire

The Oil is also known as Yohanes Loukas and you will want to be a Level 160 before taking him on. One clue can be found by killing an Order member or Zealot, but this is entirely random which one will grant you the clue.

The next clue will send you to Readingum Abbey, Hamtunscire, one of the best regions in the game, which is a pig farm, and the clue can be found at the bottom of a well. The final clue to his location is at a festival near Henge Farm in Hamtunscire and it can be found on a table beneath a tent in the middle of the festivities.

Yohanes Loukas will be dressed in holy robes and standing near a tall stone building. He can be easily assassinated, or he might be standing near some flammable red pots which you can just shoot to kill him.

The Sickle

Location: Colcestre Market, Essexe

The Sickle’s real name is Heika of Friesland and again, one of her clues will randomly appear upon killing an Order member or Zealot named Woden. The second clue can be found at Maeldun’s Saltern Camp in Essexe in the building on the property, and the clue is located on the second level.

Once you have both clues then she will be revealed and you can find her at the Colcestre Market in Essexe, but you should aim to be Level 160. She is located within a building in this area and if you go at night you can assassinate her while she sleeps, which is one of the best parts about the game.

The Bell

Location: Brimclif Monastery, Suthsexe

Beneseeck of Bath is The Bell and you will want to be Level 160 when you decide to hunt him down. There are two clues to find and the first is located at the Embert Blockade in Suthsexe, but it is a restricted area so be on your guard. You will need to shoot the lock off a door from above, then you can enter and grab the clue off the table.

The second clue involves killing The Billhook from the Wardens of Wealth branch, so it might take some time if you haven’t yet killed him. Once he is unlocked you can find him at Brimcliff Monastery in Suthsexe, a place Vikings would historically raid, gardening outside and it is very easy to assassinate him if you climb up onto the roof.

The Quill

Location: Sewers, Wincestre

There is quite a level jump before you take on Hilda, The Quill as you should aim for Level 250. King Aelfred basically hands this Order member over to you as it is revealed through the main story quest called Plucking the Quill.

One tip is that you will find her in the sewers and it is an ambush so an assassination is not plausible to defeat this Order member. She will send a few of her goons after you before you can face her head on.

The Gallows

Location: Wincestre

A man named Selwyn is known as The Gallows to the Order of the Ancients and he is another member whose identity is uncovered by following the Wincestre storyline. The quest is called Choking the Gallows and Aelfred is again the man who slowly reveals this member’s identity to you.

You will kill him at the end of the quest and you can either release the boars so you can attempt an assassination in the chaos, or rush him head-on. Either way, he dies and another Order member is wiped from the world.

The Seax

Location: Witan Hall, Wincestre

The final quest in Wincestre is called Impaling the Seax, but many believe him to be dead as his funeral is to be held at St. Peter’s Church. The reality is that he’s still alive, his real name being Ealhferth, and it’s up to you to find and assassinate him for King Aelfred.

He will be at Witan Hall where King Aelfred is giving a speech and he will be one of the guards who steps up to attack him. Just wait in the rafters until he makes his move, which is something pro players know how to do, so you can jump down and take him out with a single blow.

The Rake

Location: St. Martin’s Church, Canterbury, Cent

The Rake will be revealed once you have killed every Order member from the Wardens of Faith branch, and her name is Sister Blaeswith, The Archbishop’s Shadow. She is relatively easy to find as she is near St. Martin’s Church in Canterbury, Cent just standing outside near some buildings and is someone you should find after you beat the game.

You can walk right up to her and assassinate her, as she has no idea anyone knows her identity and is out to kill her. It makes her the easiest member of this branch to kill and puts you one step closer to knowing the identity of the Grand Maegester.

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