Avengers pre-order announcement followed by major story leaks

While Square Enix tries to convince you to pre-order the upcoming Avengers game, story spoilers have escaped into the wild.

With Square Enix’s Avengers game pushed back to September for some extra polish, it’s also given the publisher more time to try and convince fans that it’s going to be worth the wait.

A new trailer was released yesterday, though due to how under wraps the game’s plot has been since its E3 announcement, there wasn’t anything really new on display, aside from a brief snippet of co-op gameplay featuring Ms. Marvel and the Hulk.

The big takeaways are the pre-order bonuses, with the trailer revealing the Marvel Legacy costume pack that dresses up all six playable characters in some classic costumes, such as Iron Man’s original silver, clunky armour.

Anyone who pre-orders the game will also gain access to a beta test and be given an exclusive nameplate.

There are, of course, numerous editions available to pre-order, with the standard version coming with either a limited-edition pin set, patch set, steelbook, or digital comic book, depending on where you buy it from.

The £79.99 Deluxe Edition has an exclusive Obsidian Outfit pack, six exclusive Obsidian nameplates, and 72-hour early access, and then the £209.99 Earth’s Mightiest Edition a 12″ statue of Captain America, a Hulk bobblehead, Mjolnir keychain, Black Widow’s belt buckle, Iron Man’s prototype armour blueprints, Kamala Khan’s honorary Avenger pin, a commemorative Avengers group photo, as well as the 72-hour early access. Oh, and there’s a Deluxe Edition game in there too, we think.

There are even two different digital editions to pre-order on the PlayStation 4. The standard edition gets you a Ms. Marvel Talk to the Hand emote, and a Hex Pattern Logo dynamic theme.

The deluxe digital edition has an exclusive Ms. Marvel nameplate, 1,000 credits to spend on superhero customisations in-game, and the 72-hour early access. Both pre-orders will also grant access to the beta before it’s out on other platforms.

However, the game’s achievement list has now leaked, courtesy of Exophase, and it reveals some big story moments.

Impatient players may be tempted to scroll through the list to discover some juicy details but, in all honesty, there isn’t anything all that surprising.

If you wish to completely avoid spoilers, then stop reading now.

Firstly, it confirms that Captain America does survive the events of A-Day, the catastrophic event that kicks off the game’s plot and acts as the opening mission.

It’s safe to say that nobody bought his death as being permanent, especially since he’s advertised as one of the game’s playable characters (also, he’s Captain America).

Secondly, other Inhumans aside from Ms. Marvel will be appearing at some point in the game, with one achievement mentioning rescuing a bunch from a research facility.

Again, this isn’t exactly shocking, as the events of A-Day are very clearly meant to lead to the creation of the Inhumans thanks to the Terrigen crystal that was in the Avengers’ possession.

Whether this means other Inhuman characters like Black Bolt will be added as playable characters is unknown.

Thirdly, we now also know who the game’s central villain is: MODOK. Short for Mechanised Organism Designed Only for Killing, MODOK has been a recurring enemy of the Avengers for decades.

While he has made video game appearances before, like in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, he’s rarely been a main antagonist.

Still, his appearance here isn’t that big of a reveal since anyone with a passing knowledge of Marvel comics probably already figured that out, as it was confirmed early on that his organisation AIM are serving as the game’s enemy force for the Avengers to fight.

Possibly the only real surprise from this leak is that MODOK won’t be the only major villain, as the same achievement that mentions him also lists the Kree alien race.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be very familiar with the Kree, as they have appeared several times and are the ones responsible for giving Carol Danvers her powers, turning her into Captain Marvel.

Whether Carol herself will make some sort of appearance in the main game is another story, but it would make sense for her to be added as DLC given her relevance and popularity.

Avengers releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 4 September.

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