Back 4 Blood Expansion Adds New Cleaner, Act, And Bear Trap Weapon

Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed all of the new content coming to Back 4 Blood this August as part of the game's second expansion, Children of the Worm. There's a lot being added, including a new playable character, an additional story chapter, and a never-before-seen threat that looks a bit different to zombies.

Back 4 Blood's second expansion, Children of the Worm, is releasing on August 30 across all platforms. Players will get access to Act 5 of the story campaign, and you'll now be able to play as "Prophet" Dan – a brand-new Irish playable character armed with a stylish moustache. He is the third extra Cleaner that's been added to the base game, following Heng and Sharice, who were introduced in the previous expansion Tunnels of Terror.

Players should also expect a new enemy faction to join the roster. As seen in the image below, these guys look like no joke and they seem to be as armed and dangerous as the Cleaners.

Naturally, Children of the Worm will grant you lots of more traditional goodies, such as character and weapon-exclusive skins, alongside new weapons like the Lockjaw sniper rifle and bear trap. This gear will allow you to lock your target into place and will deal extra damage over time, which can be invaluable when facing certain enemies like Stinger or the Hag.

Just like with the first expansion, only one member of the party must purchase the DLC for all members to enjoy it. While the creators earlier reported that over 10 million players had tried the game as of March, the first DLC wasn't able to noticeably boost Back 4 Blood player number on Steam. It'll be curious to see how Children of the Worm will be received by veteran players.

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