Battlefield 2021 Will Reportedly Be Called "Battlefield" And Feature Co-Op Campaign

A new report suggests that Battlefield 2021 will just be called “Battlefield” and is set in the near future. Electronic Arts has been pushing the development of Battlefield 2021 to the max level by shifting its Star Wars: Battlefront 2 teams to the Battlefield 2021 development in 2020.

According to Tom Henderson, an influencer who has leaked Call of Duty and Battlefield details in the past, new details about the next installment in the Battlefield franchise have emerged. Battlefield 2021 will be called “Battlefield.” According to Henderson’s sources, this new game takes place around ten years in the future.

The report further suggests that players should expect robots and machines as this new title is somewhat similar to Activision’s Call of Duty Black Ops 2, which was set in 2025. Battlefield 2021 will not be a hub for all previous Battlefield titles, meaning players won’t be able to launch previous Battlefield titles from Battlefield 2021, as claimed by a Reddit leaker recently, at least if Henderson’s info turns out to be true.

For the single-player storyline, Battlefield will feature a “revolutionary campaign compared to other previous installments.” The story will feature you (the player) and your specialist unit that can be recruited by the USA or Russia (two superpowers in the game). Henderson also suggests that Battlefield 2021’s campaign will be a co-op experience, similar to Battlefield V.

Multiplayer, on the other hand, will be described as “Battlefield 3/4 on steroids” and will also feature bigger battles. Battle Royale mode will make a return in this year’s Battlefield but will not be adopting the “Firestorm” name, the leak suggests. Players will still be able to choose four different types of soldiers with different gadgets and this time, different abilities as well.

The reveal trailer for Battlefield 2021 will not feature any gameplay. As with every leak, we suggest taking everything with a grain of salt as nothing is officially confirmed by EA or DICE.

Battlefield 2021 is set to release in Q4 or 2021.

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