Battlefield 2042: Rao Specialist Guide

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Battlefield 2042 features ten Specialists at launch, each giving players a unique gadget and passive to enable certain playstyles. Navin Rao has one of the most unique playstyles in 2042, allowing players to hack enemy players and vehicles to gain an advantage.

Playing as a hacker can be quite tough in the current meta, but a good Rao can single-handedly swing a firefight in your team's favor. Disabling vehicle countermeasures, Specialist gadgets, and spotting nearby infantry are just a few things a skilled Rao is capable of doing. This guide will cover Rao's kit, how to use his hacking gadget, and we'll give some tips on how to best use this Specialist.

Rao Specialist Overview

GadgetCyberwarfare Suite: Disables enemy hardware
PassiveTrojan Network: Downing a hacked enemy reveals enemies

Rao is a hacker, fulfilling a hybrid role of an Engineer and a Recon. His Cyberwarfare Suite allows Rao to hack enemy vehicles, disabling the vehicle's ability to shoot or deploy countermeasures. This hacking tool can also alter certain parts of the map like bridges.

He also has the ability to hack players, disabling their HUD for a short time. The Trojan Network passive makes it so downing a hacked enemy will spot nearby targets, allowing Rao and his team to hunt down most enemies in close range.

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Gadget And Passive

Cyberwarfare Suite

So long as Rao maintains line-of-sight with an object, you can hold the Specialist gadget input to hack the object. You can hack interactable electronics on the map, enemy players, gadgets, and enemy vehicles. The hack itself takes a few seconds, requiring more time for players and vehicles.

When Rao hacks an enemy, they become affected by an EMP for ten seconds. While EMPd, players have their HUD disabled and lose access to their vehicle's weaponry and countermeasures (flares, smoke, etc.). Enemies gain a short grace period before they can be hacked again. During a hack, the enemy will be notified that a hack is in progress. If you lose line of sight with the enemy, you'll have a very short period to reacquire the target. Not reacquiring the target in time will force you to restart the hack. The effective range of Rao's gadget is quite large, allowing you to easily hack aircraft.

Trojan Network

Rao can also hack infantry, spotting them for the duration. Downing that player will cause all nearby enemies to become spotted as well. The radius of this effect is quite generous, scanning most players in close quarters. Enemy spotting done this way is showcased to your entire team, not just Rao.

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Tips And Tricks

  • Rao is the ultimate anti-air Specialist, tied with Angel. Hack the enemy aircraft, then fire an AA rocket. The aircraft won't be able to deploy countermeasures, forcing them to take damage.
  • Don't hack enemy vehicles unless you're in cover. Vehicle hacks take multiple seconds to pull off and can easily be canceled.
  • To help you find nearby infantry to hack, use the Prox Sensor grenade.
  • Rao can disable enemy Rangers, Boris turrets, Casper's drone, and Irish's trophy systems from a distance.

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