Bayonetta 3 – Chapter 2: City On Fire Walkthrough

Bayonetta 3 narrates the next adventure for the dancing witch, and this time her journey will take her through many different dimensions across the multiverse. With numerous weapons and allies, Bayonetta is once again saving the world from an unknown threat.

This chapter is the second part of the Tokyo arc and will see Bayonetta fighting her way through this city in search of the first Chaos Gear. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Verse #1

After the initial cutscene and landing on Tokyo: Shinjuku, head to your right and follow the rails until you see a golden portal. Reach it to trigger this battle against the Paradiso enemies called Beloved. Those are sturdier than the usual Affinities, so be sure to dodge them as much as you can, and if they surround themselves with an energy shield, you can break it using a summon attack. Once you're done, abandon the train station to continue.

  • Enemies: Beloved

Verse #2

Right as you enter the city, a cutscene will trigger this verse, a battle against a new type of enemy called Lacunosus, along with a Floccus that will join later. After finishing the battle you will be able to continue the story, but first…

  • Enemies: Lacunosus, Floccus

Verse #3

Look at the left side of this area and climb up to the only available building roof. There you will find this verse, a Challenge where you'll have to defeat several enemies only using the Phantasmaraneae Web and Fire attacks. Succeed on this, and you will obtain a Broken Moon Pearl as a reward.

  • Enemies: Pannus, Floccus, Stratus

Verse #4

Right after you enter this zone, you will be received by a battle against several enemies. None of them are particularly strong, so this shouldn't be a hard battle.

  • Enemies: Stratus, Lacunosus

Verse #5

After you finish Verse #4, do not continue, and go to the far left side of this zone. You will find a corridor that leads to the next Verse, a Challenge where you'll have to defeat several enemies only being able to damage them during Witch Time. Succeed on this, and you will obtain a Broken Witch Heart as a reward.

  • Enemies: Stratus, Lacunosus, Floccus

Verse #6

As you progress further, you will come across a junction where a Gates Of Hell portal will be waiting, and must go to your left to reach the next open area, where an Asperatus will show up and challenge you to a fight. While you have seen this enemy before, it's the first time Bayonetta goes into battle with it. Keep yourself at a safe distance, be sure to dodge his fast and aggressive tackle attacks, and you should be able to defeat it.

  • Enemies: Asperatus

Verse #7

Once you're done with the Asperatus, a new cutscene will lead to a chase sequence similar to the one with Gomorrah in the first chapter. Make your way through the collapsing world dodging attacks and escaping the consuming clouds as fast as you can, and you should shortly arrive at the next zone.

  • Enemies: Cavum, Lacunosus

Verse #8

Right after finishing the chase scene, keep moving until a normal battle triggers… until a new enemy called Twilight Wanderer: Strider shows up in the last battle. This mysterious wolfish creature can be hard to beat the first time, so be careful and try to inflict as much damage as possible while also being aware of its agility, dodging or triggering Witch Time as much as possible. Ultimately, Bayonetta won't be able to kill it, and the chapter will finish.

  • Enemies: Pannus, Twilight Wanderer: Strider.


In each chapter, there are five objectives called Bewitchments, and they vary from chapter to chapter. These can involve fulfilling certain conditions like developing perfectly in combat, destroying particular objects in the background, or just finding particular secrets.

#1 – Watch MC Enzo's Show On The Giant MonitorRight as you enter the city, look to your left and you will see a giant monitor. Wait until a variant of Enzo shows up.
#2 – Scare Stray Cats With Infernal Demons 3 TimesScare the umbral Crow to scare the group of cats in the parking lot after Verse #2.
#3 – Ride Phantasmaraneae Without Falling Into Any Pits Or Clouds Of ErasureJust avoid the clouds during Verse #7.
#4 – Take A Specific Path While Riding PhantasmaraneaeDuring Verse #7, take the left path when you're presented with different options.
#5 – Stop Asperatus With Massive Web 3 TimesUse the Phantasmareaneae Web to stop the Asperatus in Verse #6

Umbran Tears Of Blood

Across every chapter, you will find three animals called Umbran Tears Of Blood. Collecting the three of them in each chapter will unlock its alternative version, with new challenges and rewards.

CatYou will find this Umbran Tear right after you finish Verse 2. Look at your right and you'll see a parking lot full of trucks and several cats. Somewhat far from the group of normal cats, this one will be waiting.
FrogYou will find the frog sitting on a rock right before Verse 8.
CrowYou will find the Crow sitting on top of an underground parking lot, right after finishing verse 2.

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