Bayonetta 3 – Side Chapter 4: The Doctor Is Out Walkthrough

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You've made it to the final side mission in Bayonetta 3! For the final time, you will take control of Jeanne, navigating on a chaotic road in the mission The Doctor Is Out. In this guide, we are going to go over how you can fully complete this side mission.

At the end of side mission three, you finally made it to Dr. Sigurd. Now, you will need to transport him all the way to Bayonetta while his pod is connected to your motorcycle. Now, let's look at a walkthrough of the fourth side mission. After the walkthrough, you can also find out how to get every food collectible and Bewitchment.

Jeanne's Spy Action Chapter 4

The fourth side mission is very different from the previous three. As mentioned above, you will spend this mission driving a motorcycle with Dr. Sigurd attached.

Overall, this is a very straightforward mission. You will just need to defeat any enemy that is in the way and bring Dr. Sigurd to safety.

Along the way, you will be able to pick up weapons and healing items to help you. Additionally, near the end of this mission, Dr. Sigurd will cause a powerful attack to the mission's main boss, bringing its HP down.

While progressing through the level, you will also encounter obstacles that will deal damage if you ride over them. These will be marked in red, so if you see them, be sure to change lanes. If you see an object marked in blue, that is a ramp that you can take.


There are five Bewitchments in this final side mission, which you can find listed below, along with how to obtain it.

#1 – Finish The Chapter Without Hitting Any ObstaclesTo get this Bewetichment, just avoid the obstacles marked by red markers.
#2 – Successfully Perform A Wheelie JumpWhen a blue-marked ramp appears, take it and do a wheelie.
#3 – Defeat 10 Motorcycle-Riding Stratuses By Slamming Them Into BarriersThis can be done by bumping into the Stratuses while near the top or bottom of the road.
#4 – Find And Defeat AcceptanceAcceptance can be summoned by riding through a golden glowing spot near the top of the road. At around 354 seconds, be on the lookout for this spot.
#5 – Defeat 20 Homunculi While Transformed Into Cutie JJeanne will transform into Cutie J if you defeat a Homunculus in a rainbow motorcycle at the 330 seconds mark.

  • Defeating it will trigger a potion to drop that will transform Jeanne into Cutie J. At this point, you will be extra powerful, and more enemies will spawn; attack and kill them all.

Food Collectibles

Lastly, we have the food collectibles. There are three in total that will appear on the road. Below, you can check out the food item, along with the time it appears and its location.

ItemTime of AppearanceLocation
Soda380 SecondsTop Lane in midair Use the ramp to reach this item
Burger390 SecondsMiddle Lane in midair
Fries324 SecondsTop Lane in midair This is right after you transform into Cutie J.

With that, you have finished all four side missions as Jeanne!

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