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The K30 is an excellent SMG, one of the best in the game, that specializes in short-range engagements. You can outgun most opponents in Battlefield 2042 using the K30, even those running the fantastic M5A3 SMG build. This is because of its extremely high rate of fire.

However, the K30 obviously becomes pretty lackluster at longer range, so we've picked the attachments that highlight what it does best and pretty much overlooks all of its faults. Don't use this gun at long range, that's about it really.

Best K30 Attachments

We're keeping it simple for the K30, as the gun doesn't need much in the way of tweaks or changes to shred through enemies at close range.

  • Sight – Personal preference, but we're big fans of the Fusion Holo, so try it out.
  • Ammo – The Drum Mag is a good choice for the K30 – you'll run out of bullets fast at the rate you fire, and the reload speed isn't game-breakingly bad. Keep it Standard Issue/Drum Mag. You should keep the other Extended mags on your guns for certain situations, though.
  • Barrel – Don't mess around with the K30's barrel, keep it standard. The Factory Barrel doesn't change the gun in any way, and that's what we're looking for. You don't need to worry about the recoil and you don't want to impact the damage output with any changes.
  • Underbarrel – The Light Grip is our underbarrel attachment of choice – you are going to be moving around all over the place, so it makes to have a grip that provides more stability while jumping/sliding/running and shooting.
Some tips: You can switch the K30 into burst fire mode, which is useful at medium to long ranges. The gun has a lot of recoil (bloom) so you won't be hitting targets far away. The best Specialist to use with the K30 is definitely Sundance: use the wingsuit to get behind enemies and start flanking with the K30, attaching a Suppressor if needed.

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