Best Sports Video Games

There are as many different gaming genres as there are tastes among the players. One could definitely find the exact game they are craving in 2021. We have hundreds of amazing games behind us, and new ones being released annually. If you are a sports fan, you are in luck. In this post, we are exploring the best games of the genre, of the past and present.


Need For Speed

If racing is your thing, say no more. This is the ultimate series for anyone obsessed or starting to get so with cars. The sales numbers speak for themselves: the games exceeded one-hundred and fifty million copies during its now almost three-decade run. These are the best racing games, period.

The games are all quite similar and yet distinctly different that each one of them deserves at least a single playthrough. You are in control of the best cars in the world, and over time you can select different models and vehicles for all kinds of races.

Some titles are set in cities that are based on the most popular cities around the world, such as London, Berlin, Monaco, and others that are notorious for their races. Other games create their own world, with fictional cities and allowing more flexibility to creators. Since 2004, almost every Need For Speed game has included some sort of Police Pursuit in their game mechanics. This makes it double the fun, as you are racing towards the finish line to become the champion and avoid getting busted.

EA Sports UFC

MMA is definitely getting the amount of attention it always deserved. It is perhaps the most entertaining form of martial arts ever conceived inside the ring. Watching Bruce Lee kung-fu his way through dozens of opponents is an equal amount of fun, but it’s not scalable and really only applicable to the TV. Mixed Martial Arts tournaments, such as the UFC, have everything to do with real-life on the other hand. It’s not a movie, it’s a legitimate tournament( as of this moment almost three hundred recorded ones).

EA Company gets so many games wrong, but it never misses with its life-to-game ports. In UFC 3 for example, you can play as any of the most accomplished fighters of the modern era. The Irish Conor McGregor with his infamous walk, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and many others. Each character is based on a real-life champion, with different skill sets that mimic their real-world abilities. If you’d like to learn more about the most recent fighting game that everyone should be playing, we suggest going through this comprehensive review of the game.

FIFA Game Series

Spoiler ahead, we are discussing two soccer games in this article, and they are completely different. The first one, FIFA games, are based on controlling the players and actually playing the physical game, just on your gadget. The second type, which we will discuss after FIFA, is all about the world of Soccer, everything that goes around the business, teams, and management side of things.

More about Fifa. There was a day that every boy thought: “huh, would be cool to be Messi for a day”. That’s exactly what this game is about. You get to play the game like the best players in the world. No matter which team you are the biggest fan of, you are it. Each character from the goalkeeper to the frontrunners is controllable, with their attributes and skills, just as in real life.

What’s more fascinating about this game, is how big the community is. Of course, you can play FIFA against the bots, and that would be great for the storyline setting, but to take things further you may match against other real-players like you online. You select Madrid, they go Barcelona, and you can finally prove that your favorite team is the best of all.

Football Manager

This game is the complete opposite of what we just described. You don’t get to play like Messi. You don’t get to play as anybody, but the manager of these very teams. See yourself as the boss of Chelsea running than running wearing blue in the field? We’ve got you covered. Football fans adore this game because it lets them run all the decisions. Do you really think you could muster the very best team in the world? To prove it in Football Manager. You are the guy, you run the show. You manage every little aspect of your team, and you are to blame if things go the wrong way. Want to know what qualities do you need to be a successful coach? Take a look at this fantastic read by Bleach.