Bethesda’s Orion Will Allow For 60 FPS Game Streaming On Mobile

Bethesda has revealed it’s push into streaming technology, Orion. Designed to work with game streaming services like Stadia and Xcloud.

Orion is baked into game engines – it helps players stream content at a reported 20% percent increase per frame. The point of it is to reduce latency and bandwidth for players so they can experience games at their true potential, regardless of where they’re playing.

This was demonstrated on stage with a live demofrom an employee, who was playing Doom 2016 on a mobile devices with a bluetooth controller. The game looked exactly like its PC counterpart at silky smooth 60 FPS.

Bethesda wrapped up the announcement by noting that this will reduce the cost of streaming for both players and publishers – Orion makes it so that you use less bandwidth whilst streaming at home – your game doesn’t have to suffer if the rest of your household is checking out a Netflix show or downloading content.

There’s also a beta coming soon where those interested can check out Doom 2016 on their mobile devices – simply head to to register for the open beta.

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