Biomutant: 10 Tips To Make An Overpowered Saboteur

There are five total classes in Biomutant, all of which offer different playstyles to help players tackle the vast open-world the game offers. Each class has a unique Wung-Fu, enabling them to access skills from the start of the playthrough, rather than leveling up and unlocking them via Upgrade Points.

The Saboteur class in Biomutant excels at fast-paced encounters and benefits significantly from abilities and weapons that take advantage of that. Saboteur’s primary focus isn’t on defense or dialogue, and it is purely on speed, damage, and Ki-Energy. There are many ways to approach combat encounters in Biomutant, making it easy to lose a sense of what you should be focusing on in the grand scheme of things. Fortunately, with the right build, you will be annihilating everything in your path!

10 Take Advantage Of Dual Wielding With Elemental Blades

One of the main draws to the Saboteur class starts with its default Wung-Fu being the Twin Silver Grip, which allows them to dual wield two different one-handed weapons.

Dual-wielding two different one-handed weapons is a powerful perk in its own right, but you can take it a step further with elemental blades. For instance, you will be able to wield two different elemental swords simultaneously, consisting of Cold, Heat, Radiation, and Biohazard damage. Mixing and matching these elements will open up a whole breadth of options and offer incredible damage.

9 Know The Best Stats To Focus On

Every time you level up in Biomutant, you are rewarded with Skill Points to spend on one of six different Stats. These stats range from health increases to a higher loot chance and pretty much anything in between.

For the Saboteur, you should focus on three stats: Strength, Agility, and Luck. Those three stats will help draw out the Saboteur’s true potential, as it will allow them to deal more melee damage with their dual blades, have a higher critical chance on hits, and be fast enough to close gaps between them and the enemy. You should also occasionally throw points into the Intellect stat to upgrade your ability powers and energy limits.

8 Make Sure To Unlock Mutations

Mutations are an essential part of Biomutant and act as abilities for your character. These Mutations are unlocked via Bio Points and Psi-Points and require you to have enough Ki-Energy to use them.

Saboteurs should focus on unlocking and using Mutations to help them close the gap in battles, such as Blink or Blaze and Mutations that allow them to cast elemental hazards in a wide area that affects multiple targets Freeze or Ki Spark. The goal here is to focus on Mutations that feed off the Saboteur’s playstyle, which is fast-paced “in your face” action.

7 Upgrade Equipment Often

Upgrading your equipment at the workbenches in Biomutant is an integral part of the game and should always be taken advantage of.

Finding powerful weapons and armor early on isn’t necessarily rare in Biomutant, so upgrading the ones you like most should be a top priority. It takes many materials to upgrade a weapon or piece of armor, but it is worth it simply because of how much better they become. Biomutant allows you to keep your most beloved weapons for a long time through their upgrading system, and you should not ignore it!

6 Use Your Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons are incredibly useful in Biomutant, but it could be easy to forget that when running around as a Saboteur. However, you should not neglect your Ranged Weapons, no matter how strong your blades are.

Since the Saboteur is all about getting in the face of the opposition and unleashing chaos on them with dual blades, you may find that ranged weapons slow your pace down drastically. But, luckily for you, Biomutant has several close-quarter guns that will allow even Saboteurs to include them in their rotation of destruction. Guns such as Shotguns, Dual-Pistols, and Automatic Rifles are an excellent fit for the Saboteur class!

5 Always Have Healing Items Handy

Since the Saboteur won’t have much health to begin with, and it isn’t their overall focus on Stats, it won’t take much for them to die. Additionally, since the player will constantly be in the thick of battle, they will always risk taking damage.

More so than any other class, Saboteurs should always restock their healing items before setting out on another mission. Especially when knowing a big battle is on the horizon. Things such as the Automatron’s Health Injector and healing kits purchased from vendors will help you stay alive if you make a near-fatal mistake in combat. You will also find tons of healing items out in the wild while exploring!

4 Don’t Forget Armor Stats

Armor Stats are essential to a great build and can get missed. Armor stats will affect the player’s health, Ki Energy, Critical Chance, and more, so it is essential to pay attention to what you are about to equip.

Saboteur’s focus when looking for armor upgrades should be solely on their Health, Armor, and Ki Energy/Regeneration. These stats will help players make up for the lack of health and defense they innately have and will help them survive longer in battle. Upgrading these armor pieces will also increase their stats, which is also important to note!

3 Light Aura Will Benefit You More

This one could be considered optional since Aura plays a critical role in Biomutant’s story and world, but Light Aura seems to benefit the Saboteur class slightly more than having Dark Aura.

Aura will gate off specific Psi-Powers depending on which path you choose, and going towards the Light side will grant you Ki Spark and Freeze, which play into the Saboteur’s playstyle. Those two abilities are close-range Mutations that deal damage to multiple enemies in the area, while the Dark Aura Mutations are more long-range focused abilities. However, going with Dark Auta won’t suddenly make the class terrible, but missing out on those two abilities will make the class less effective in the long run.

2 Upgrade Your Resistances

In Biomutant, there are elemental hazards that will harm you when inflicted on you or if you pass through an environment that houses them. However, you can upgrade your resistance to these harmful elements with Bio Points.

Upgrading your resistance costs one Bio Point for a +10% increase to the element of your choosing. Becoming more immune to these elements is particularly important to the Saboteur class. It will allow them to continue to stay in their opposition’s face even with one of these hazards in play, which goes a long way.

You should take your time as you don’t need to throw all of your Bio Points into these upgrades immediately. However, it is something to be mindful of, especially when you start noticing more hazards begin to pop up.

1 Master Evasion

Evading oncoming attacks at just the right moment in Biomutant will reward you with a nice slow-motion shot and a chance to get in on the target for a follow-up attack.

Saboteurs should master the Evasion mechanic in Biomutant as they will punish their target significantly when executed. Getting up close and personal is part of the Saboteur’s playstyle, so, naturally, they need to learn how to dodge and counter their enemy’s attacks. Once you master your dodging and apply everything else, you will be an unstoppable killing machine!

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