BioShock 4 Rumoured To Feature Two Cities Engaged In "Vertical War"

A new BioShock 4 rumour has surfaced. Take it with a heavy pinch of salt, however, as even though the rumour appears to be vaguely credible based on what we already know about the game, there are no sources or actual evidence to back anything up.

Twitter account OopsLeaks – pretty on the nose name, that – posted what they claim to be an old logo and a slide from the pitch presentation for BioShock 4, apparently titled BioShock Isolation. After the pandemic and several years in development, this name is very likely to have changed.

After the ending of BioShock Infinite, where fans learned "there is always a lighthouse," it makes sense for a concept logo to have one front and center. On top of this, two connected cities engaged in a vertical war are apparently going to be the new setting. A wealthy city above and a dictatorial city below perfectly fit the BioShock series' political themes so far.

Using the cage and bird symbols from Infinite to represent two differing ideologies also makes sense for an internal pitch, but would need to be changed for the finished game.

OopsLeaks has also suggested that the game will feature a large open-world, factions, sandbox combat, linear main story, sidequests, and, surprisingly, almost no backtracking – this is something the previous entries in the series did very well, so it would be surprising for this new installment to scrap it entirely.

We already know that developer Cloud Chamber is working on the next BioShock game and that previous job listings from the studio point towards it being an open-world title. Another set of job postings led us to believe that the game would indeed take place in a brand-new location.

Cloud Chamber's website currently has several job openings listed: associate environment artist, senior producer, technical animator, senior writer, senior technical animator, and senior systems programmer. These suggest that development is already well underway and the team is just looking for more devs so that production can stay on track.

Unfortunately, apart from knowing Cloud Chamber is working on the next BioShock, nothing else is confirmed. OopsLeak's logo is actually the same silhouette used on the developer website, so it could have been faked very recently.

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