‘Blasphemous’ Jesus video game lets you fight Satan and perform over 30 miracles

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    Move over Call of Duty—there's a new first-person game in town, and what's more, it's not full of sin and murder.

    'I Am Jesus Christ' is an upcoming PC game which sees players take up the mantle of the big man himself, Jesus Christ.

    Players control Jesus from a first-person perspective as he performs miracles, walks on water, fights Satan, and builds a following.

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    The game has just been featured as part of IGN's Fan Fest 2023 and is billed as a 'unique and innovative' retelling of the New Testament.

    The game's 'key features' summary says it will let players:

    • 'experience Christ's life first-hand from his birth through to the crucifixion and resurrection'
    • 'explore accurate recreations of significant locations in the Holy Land including Jerusalem and Galilee'
    • perform over 30 amazing miracles including the feeding of the 5000 and walking on water

    You'll also be able to recreate the Last Supper, interact with Jesus' disciples, fight Satan in the desert, and walk on water.

    You can currently play the 'Prologue' edition of the game for free, which acts as an introduction to the full version to be released in the next few months.

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    The game has been met with both jokes and criticism online. One Twitter user compared the game to the popular Elder Scrolls series, saying: "I never knew Jesus performed his miracles by casting wacky spells with particle effects like Skyrim. The more you know!

    Another user simply said: "This is one of the most blasphemous things I have ever seen bruh".

    Not everyone has been negative about I Am Jesus Christ, however. One Twitter user, @Telbot_Jr said: "Finally a good Christian game".

    This isn't the first game to be made about Jesus and the Bible by any stretch. 2008's The You Testament sees players take on the role of one of Jesus' disciple and embark on an extremely loose interpretation of over 50 Bible stories.


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