Blood & Truth Dev Sony London Studio now has its own Dedicated Website

One of the biggest PlayStation VR videogame releases in 2019 occurred at the end of May, with the arrival of Blood & Truth. This was the creation of London Studio, part of Sony Worldwide Studios. Today, Sony London Studio has launched a dedicated website for fans to check out what the team is up to. 

The studio has a long and illustrious history dating all the way back to its foundation in 2002, with highs and lows along the way. That year saw the launch of The Getaway for PlayStation 2 with the team going onto support the EyeToy digital camera, release the SingStar franchise (2004); begin work on PlayStation Portable content (2005), launch the EyePet franchise (2009) and then augmented reality (AR) book Wonderbook for PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye.

London Studio has always been at the forefront of PlayStation technology, so it’s no surprise that the team were tasked with creating one of the launch titles for PlayStation VR in 2016, PlayStation VR Worlds. This compilation for five mini-games allowed players to dive beneath the waves in Ocean Descent, take part in illegal street racing in VR Luge, or step into London’s gritty underworld in The London Heist.

It was after the release of PlayStation VR Worlds that the studio hit the gaming headlines, laying off staff as the studio restructured due to the project finishing. But that wasn’t the end of London Studios’ dance with VR as is well known, taking the inspiration behind The London Heist and greatly expanding upon the experience with the rather superb Blood & Truth. A title VRFocus awarded a full five stars to, the review saying: From start to finish Blood & Truth is one hell of a ride, a finely choreographed John Woo movie that’s all about sheer entertainment.

With the new website, fans will be able to connect more directly to the studio, learning about its history, staff, and the behind the scenes work they do. Check out the fancy new video to see the team in action.

There’s nothing juicy on the website at the moment regarding future plans. If there’s no news on there then, of course, don’t forget to return to VRFocus for the latest VR updates.

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