Bloons TD 6: 10 Best Powers

Bloons Tower Defense 6 is the most recent entry in the classic Bloons Tower Defense series, and it brings a number of new gameplay features to the table alongside returning ones. Among these returning features are powers, strong activated abilities and towers that cost Monkey Money to purchase.

Monkey Money can be acquired by completing maps, and the various powers will help with that. The benefit to powers is that there is no limit to their usage, so if you buy one before a game, it will cost nothing to use in-game. The downside is that Monkey Money takes a while to obtain, so make sure that if you do use powers, you use them efficiently.

10 Banana Farmer

One of the most powerful towers in BTD6 doesn't even attack. The banana farm generates passive income that can make those really expensive towers easier to buy on earlier rounds. The issue is that you have to constantly collect the bananas each round, or else they will rot.

That's where the useful Banana Farmer comes in. Simply place him near a banana farm and he will collect them for you. This makes upgrading banana farms even more worthwhile, and gives you the ability to focus on the game rather than micromanaging your farms.

9 Camo Trap

One of the more annoying Bloon types is the Camo Bloon, that will slip past most towers unless you have a way to enable their detection. Some monkeys, like the ninja monkey, have this ability built-in, or can upgrade to allow Camo Detection, but most towers will never be able to see them without help.

As such, the Camo Trap is the perfect power for helping regular towers see those annoying Camo Bloons. Note that the trap only lasts for 500 Bloons, during which the Camo Trap will remove the Camo from the Bloons. Use that time to get some Camo detecting towers.

8 Tech Bot

The Tech Bot is the perfect choice if you always forget to activate your monkey tower's active abilities when they are ready. All you have to do is place this guy next to a tower with an active ability, and the Tech Bot will activate the ability the second the cooldown is over.

Active abilities are a large part of what makes many of the most powerful towers in BTD6 so strong, so this Tech Bot is an excellent option if you want to take advantage of their power in the most efficient way. Just make sure you connect the Bot to your tower with the strongest ability, so using it for your Hero is a good idea.

7 Energizing Totem

BTD6 is a difficult game if you come in unprepared, especially in the later rounds or in extra difficult game modes like CHIMPS. That's why things like the monkey village are so useful, as they add passive buffs to towers for things like detecting Camo Bloons, or even just providingan attack speed buff.

The Energizing Totem is a power that serves a similar purpose, though only for five rounds. The Totem will increase the attack speed of anything in its radius for 25 percent during this time, so it's useful to wait until you come upon an especially difficult round to use this power.

6 Pontoon

Most maps in BTD6 are dominated by land, seeing as most of the towers are only capable of being placed on the land. Some stages, however, are majorly dominated by water, or have water in a key location that you would prefer to place a land based monkey.

Pontoons are the solution to this problem, as they provide a platform in the water on which you can place your ground monkey towers. This makes water stages less difficult, and you can actually place towers that synergise with the water towers, rather than being stuck with only monkey subs and monkey buccaneers.

5 Thrive

Money is at the center of any game of BTD6. Managing your money by saving and investing in powerful towers and upgrades at the right times is key to succeeding on any map, and this only gets harder as you move through the higher level maps.

Thrive can help you make some more money, as it increases profits by 25 percent for the current and next rounds. This can make it possible to buy a super monkey early, or to acquire the funds you need to afford whatever powerful upgrade you were saving up for. You really can't argue with more money.

4 Super Monkey Storm

One of the most unfortunate things to happen when playing a game of BTD6 is for a sudden pack of Bloons to rush through your defenses and instantly end your game. There are a multitude of reasons this can occur, be it Camos or having towers too clumped together, but it always sucks.

Luckily, there is a solution in the form of a power. The Super Monkey Storm will instantly destroy all the Bloons on screen, and it even damages MOABs. Making good use of this power can prevent those frustrating losses from groups of Bloons, so it's good to always have on hand.

3 Portable Lake

Some stages in BTD6 are only water, but some have no water at all. While this doesn't seem like a big deal at first, as ground towers are a majority over water towers, there are a number of reasons you would want water towers on any stage.

The Portable Lake allows you to place the monkey subs and monkey buccaneers on these stages, and they can really add a lot to your potential Bloon-popping output. The range and high power of both of these towers makes the Portable Lake an easy sell, and worthwhile on almost any stage.

2 Cash Drop

While Thrive may be a power better suited to higher rounds, the Cash Drop power is perfect for starting off a game right. Early on in games of BTD6 it is easy to be starving for money, because the Bloons themselves, while easy, do not give a lot of money.

All you have to do is activate a Cash Drop, and whatever high power monkey tower you desire is yours. The crate gives a flat $2,500, which is why using it early on is a good idea. Later on, that amount of money will be easier to come by.

1 Insta-Monkeys

Powers are unique from regular monkey towers in a variety of ways. Some of these are beneficial, but the biggest thing to note about powers is that most of them are either a one-time use, or are passive towers with no offensive capabilities. It would be difficult to use only powers to win a stage.

However, to make powers even better than they already are, Insta-Monkeys allow you to place down monkey towers for free. Sometimes these towers are even pre-upgraded, making the deal even sweeter. The downside is that, like powers, you must pay for these Insta-Monkeys with Monkey Money, so it is recommended to use them on events like the bosses.

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