Borderlands 3 announced: watch the first trailer

It’s official (for real this time). Gearbox Software is making Borderlands 3, and the developer showed off first gameplay footage from its upcoming sequel at PAX East today.

The first trailer for Borderlands 3 features many familiar elements from the series: a four-person team of Vault Hunters, “over one billion guns,” big mechs, series mascot Claptrap busting a move, cel-shaded graphics, and vast areas in which to shoot and loot. And there are plenty of familiar faces from throughout the Borderlands franchise; Brick, Lilith, Maya, Mordecai, Ellie, Marcus, Tiny Tina, and other returning characters all make cameos.

The Vault Hunters appear to be all new. Here’s what the trailer tells us about them:

  • There’s a buff female Hunter who has the markings of a Siren and can apparently spawn six massive arms, each just as buff as she is. We see her briefly summoning a giant arm later in the trailer, holding an enemy in a containment bubble.
  • A younger female Hunter appears standing in front of a mech that she can apparently summon, and that other players can apparently co-pilot. She’s also seen driving in a big ol’ wheel vehicle outfitted with ample firepower.
  • An older male Hunter apparently uses a gadget that will let him create a holographic version of himself.
  • An android or robot Hunter appears to fight alongside a variety of pets, including a Skag and Spiderant.

Also seen in the trailer: a variety of locations, including desert wastelands, sleek cities, and swamplands; dozens of mutants, giant robots, and hideous creatures to shoot; showers of green, blue, and purple loot.

Gearbox did not announce a release date or platforms for Borderlands 3. But publisher 2K Games promises more information on Borderlands 3 on April 3 — the same day it will release Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition.

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