Breath Of The Wild 2 Is Reportedly Still On Track For 2022

Despite worries that it's been delayed, Breath of the Wild 2 is reportedly on track for a release in 2022.

Considering we still don't know the official name of the sequel to Breath of the Wild and the only thing we've seen of it so far is a brief trailer, it's no surprise that many people think that Breath of the Wild 2 is going to be delayed out of 2022. Considering how many other big releases have seen delays thanks to the pandemic, it's fair to assume that Nintendo's biggest game may slip out of its vague 2022 release date.

That's reportedly not the case, however. As reported by GamesRadar+, IGN general manager Peer Schneider talked about Nintendo missing out on The Game Awards on the IGN Games Podcast, saying that they shouldn't be worried about Breath of the Wild 2 seeing a delay.

After stating that he'd caught up with other people in the industries while at The Game Awards, Schneider said, "It does sound like Nintendo is going to have a pretty good year next year. So, I would not take the absence of big stuff as a sign that maybe Breath of the Wild is delayed or that they don't have other stuff, because it sounds like… people at Nintendo are very excited about 2022."

Later in the podcast, Schneider made a joke that indicated that we'd be playing Breath of the Wild 2 in November, leading many to believe that the release date is set for then. Although likely just a playful joke, Schneider does seem pretty convinced that the game won't be seeing any delays and will hit the release date that it was set.

No concrete date has been given for Breath of the Wild 2 beyond a vague "2022" at the end of the latest trailer. The game has been missing several times from marketing showcasing Nintendo's upcoming releases, but that could just be because of its lack of a title. Nintendo has stated previously through PR that it is currently "aiming for release in 2022".

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