Breath Of The Wild Multiplayer Mod Is Well Under Way

Last year, a YouTuber called PointCrow put out a $10,000 bounty for anyone who could make a Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod. Jump ahead to now and a small has team shared their progress, showing combat, traversal, and in-game photography with all three of them in the same world.

The mod comes from Alex Mangue, Mipha, and Revali. As reported by NintendoLife, it was teased last November but a lot of progress has been made since then. There are still some kinks to iron out, though. Chief among them is syncing up player movement and enemy health. In the video, everyone is a little stuttery and janky, so it's not perfect just yet. But without a release date, it has plenty of time to smoothen out.

You can support the mod right now on Patreon with five different subscription tiers. There's Goron Champion at £4, Zora Champion at £8, Gerudo Champion at £11.50, Rito Champion at £38.50, and Hero of Hyrule at £77. Each price is per month. All have the same rewards but help to back the team as they work to make Hyrule a little less lonely.

"Take a look at an early version of our work in progress Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod," the description of the video reads. "If you want to support the development of this mod and want to be the first to see the advancements I make, you can support me on Patreon."

What's also of note is that, in the video, not everyone is Link. They aren't reskinned versions or alternate colours or even custom characters. Instead, other players come into the world as other species – here we see the Zora and Rito as playable characters, helping Link save Hyrule from a corrupt Ganandorf's unkempt tyranny.

There are some key gameplay elements we get to see in action, now with more than one person at the steering wheel. Slow-motion seems to impact other players, being caught while sneaking puts a target on the whole group's back, and chests are reusable per player so everyone can share the spoils.

Without a release date attached, it isn't clear when you can expect to try it for yourself, but progress is being made and that much can be seen in the video above.

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