Bright Memory: Infinite – How To Defeat All Mini-Bosses

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In Bright Memory: Infinite, you have a lot more to worry about than General Lin's henchmen alone. Armed to the teeth with guns and psychokinetic abilities, Agent Shelia faces off with all manner of monsters as she races to the finish line.

Even when you're not going head-to-head with the Tian Yu Emperor, you'll be kept plenty busy in the interim with the trying task of taking out myriad mini-bosses. If you're struggling to get past these tricky foes, this guide will make it a breeze.

How To Beat The Ancient Warriors

These mystical fighters are essentially tankier, heavily-armoured versions of General Lin's soldiers – but with their distinctly different skill sets making them just that much tougher.

They will appear at various moments during the game through portals and can be identified by their large round shields and traditional oriental armour.

Some Warriors will attack with a sword whilst others prefer the good old-fashioned bow and arrow approach, but either one can be dispatched quickly with a combination of Shelia's abilities.

To get rid of enemies holding shields, you have two options:

  • Use fire-based attacks such as Incendiary Grenades (handgun special ammo) to destroy their shields.
  • Run around them quickly and hit them from behind since they're only guarding their fronts!

That's all there really is to these formidable foes. They have slightly more HP than your bog-standard foot soldiers, but they will go down to a clever mix of bullets, attack deflection using your Lightblade, and a few Shock Punches.

How To Beat The Mountain Beasts

As Shelia starts to get dragged into the Black Hole, she lands on the cliff-face of a mountain – and is confronted by the reanimated, gargantuan statues of two stone lions.

The lions, now Mountain Beasts, are made of solid rock. This means they are resilient to your blade slashes and psychokinetic Exo Unit Arm powers, so save your energy for another time.

Instead of relying on these, whale on them with bullets from your assault rifle and shotgun whilst deflecting their claw slash attacks. The Beasts' move-set comprises a running slash attack and a lunge attack, both of which can be dodged or deflected when timed correctly. Dash and slide away to open up the playing field and get them chasing after you, and once you're safely out of range, start unloading your guns into them.

Take note of the battle arena itself: being long and narrow, it can quickly feel claustrophobic if you get backed into a corner. To counter this, you'll need to make of its full length in order to get enough distance to empty your bullet magazines into the Beasts.

Unsurprisingly, the handgun's Incendiary Grenades deal a hefty chunk of damage, as do Shrapnel Bombs and regular assault rifle ammo.

These mini-bosses appear twice in the game, so be on the lookout again in Chapter Six, The Primordial Flood, for their reprise performance. When they next appear, they actually seem to be weaker versions of their early-game counterparts.

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