Bungie Asks Destiny 2 Players To Admit If They’re Cheating

Historically, Destiny 2 suffered from cheaters, but that’s changed in recent months. BattlEye has come in and cleared out a lot of the cheating players from Destiny 2’s competitive game modes, allowing Guardians to take part in Trials of Osiris without having to worry about being matched against players with infinite rockets.

But success must be measured, and to do that, Bungie is once again sending Destiny 2 players surveys via email to get their thoughts on cheating. The surveys have been periodically sent for the past year to gauge player thoughts on cheating in Destiny 2, asking questions such as whether they’d experienced cheating while playing.

However, the most recent email adds another question that seems to let players admit to cheating in the past month. One of the survey options lets respondents select, “I used methods of cheating to gain an advantage in PvP or PvE,” which is about a clear admission as you can get.

Using any cheats in Destiny 2 is against the game’s terms of service and liable to get you permanently banned. It’s unknown whether Bungie will actually ban players who report tweeting in their survey, but game accounts are tied to the email accounts those surveys were sent to, so it’s certainly possible for Bungie to start swinging the ban hammer against anyone dumb enough to admit they’ve cheated.

BattlEye isn't perfect, but Bungie has made great strides to keeping Destiny 2's ecosystem clear of cheaters over the past year. Let's hope that continues as we head into Witch Queen.

Speaking of Savathun, the final mission of the season is finally available to exorcise The Witch Queen's worm. Speak to Mara Sov to initiate a short quest line that has you defend Savathun's chrysalis from Xivu Arath, but just remember to stick around to view the cut scene afterward. There's a bug that prevents quest progress unless you watch the whole thing. Worse, if anyone on the fireteam skips the cutscene it skips for the whole team, so everyone needs to be patient in order to progress their quests.

On the plus side, you do get a weapon with double perks for your patience, so there's that.

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