Call Of Duty 2020 still not announced but mystery boxes hint at 1950s setting

The locked crates that fans hoped would reveal this year’s new Call Of Duty have only raised more questions, as the analysis goes on…

It seemed like today might finally be the day but in the end this year’s Call Of Duty still wasn’t announced and there’s now no clue when to expect its reveal.

Hopes were high because the date 10 August is when various influencers were set to get a code to unlock some mysterious boxes they were sent by Activision.

But rather than leading directly to an announcement the boxes included an old timey projector from the 1950s, some slides, and another chapter in the ongoing ARG to work out what the new Call Of Duty is all about.

Teasers have even started appearing in-game, with the message ‘Know your history’ flashing up while people are playing.

It’s likely that more information will be gleaned from the slides over the next few days, although some influencers are having trouble getting the old school projectors working.

Early analysis seems to show maps of the UK and France, with London and Paris apparently highlighted, while numbers on some of the slides seem to correlate with numbers on the side of buildings in Warzone.

Traditionally new Call Of Duty games are announced via a livestream event or as a TV advert during a major American sports event, which could still be the case here. Especially if all the slides do is end up highlighting yet another date on the calendar…

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