Call of Duty Mobile storms to 35 million downloads despite controller issues

Call of Duty Mobile launched earlier this week and Activision's new smartphone game has surpassed a whopping 35 million downloads already this week.

According to Activision Blizzard internal estimates, this is apparently faster than any other mobile First Person or Third Person Action games on App Store and Google Play.

Though the game has been published by Activision, the main plaudits should go to Tencent Games’ award-winning development team at TiMi Studios.

Solid gameplay and that typical Call of Duty feeling had lead to the new mobile title achieving the #1 app ranking on Apple's App Store based on downloads in over 100 countries since launch.

For those who have maybe missed the launch and didn't realise a Call of Duty game was even available on your phone, here's the gist:

Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play, first-person action experience that uses many of the series most beloved maps, competitive modes, iconic characters and signature weapons.

So whether you're a fan of the Modern Warfare or Black Ops universe, there's something for everyone.

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“The response from fans across both Android and iOS has been amazing," stated Rob Kostich, president, Activision.

"Already, Call of Duty: Mobile has surpassed 35 million downloads on its way to becoming the #1 ranked iOS app in downloads overall, not only among games, but also among all apps, in 100 countries.”

“This is an incredibly fun experience, and we’re only getting started. Congratulations to the teams at Activision and at our partner Tencent’s TiMi Studios for making such a great game for players.

"And special thanks to our fans for their continued support. There is a ton more to look forward to as we release more content and updates.”

One of the updates fans will be no doubt hoping for is the reintroduction of Controller support for PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

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The game initially launched with controller support and was being widely used by the community.

However, not long after launch, Activision rolled out an update which removed the feature from the game.

Much to the annoyances of countless players.

One of the reasons for its removal could have been the advantage it gave some players over people not using controllers.

But, you'd have thought the team would have been well aware of that possibility when the game launched.

It could return, but that's all we know for the time being.

Stay tuned for Call of Duty Mobile updates in the coming days and weeks.

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