Call Of Duty Warzone: Everything You Need To Know About The Game In 2021

It has been a couple of years since the genre of battle royale gained immense popularity among shooter fans. The concept of landing, looting, and running around on an open map was believed to spice up the online shooter games’ experience, the validity of which many could attest to.

In this article, we’re going to touch upon the main features of one of the biggest battle royale titles that had us captivated since it came out in March 2020, Call of Duty Warzone.

The Merge Of Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War With Warzone

At the end of 2020, Activision decided to integrate Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War with the franchise’s popular Warzone battle royale. As a result of this move, Black Ops Cold War’s weapons and operators have since found their way into Warzone.

Understandably, this was a contentious decision. Especially since those who didn’t own Black Ops Cold War can now experience the gunplay and characters of Black Ops within Warzone.

  • It should be noted that if you already have Black Ops Cold War, you could use that game’s loadouts in Warzone.

The New Verdansk

With the onset of season three, you can now experience Verdansk before the notorious nuke completely reshaped it. Even before you land on the spot, the map’s prominent addition of greenery stands out.

The developers have promised increased optimization in gameplay and uniquely new combat experiences. Some of the spots on the map have also undergone a significant overhaul. The lists of spots receiving changes are as follows:

  • Gora Summit
  • Gora Viaduct
  • Verdansk Regional Airport
  • Old Verdansk Stadium
  • Salt Mine
  • Broadcast Tower under Construction
  • Grid Radar Array
  • Old Mine
  • Superstore
  • Factory
  • TV Station

Furthermore, you’ll notice that all the flowers and trees have added a pleasant air to the map. Some of the old-fashioned yet nostalgic buildings, especially in Novi Grazna Hills, create a contrast with what was left after the explosion. You cannot help but feel pity for how animated and lively the map used to be before the incident. A few improvements to common locations here and there will also catch the eye of those who are sticklers for details.

It would be unfair if we didn’t bring up the new take on Gulag, which has made those 1v1 standoffs more exhilarating with all sorts of elevations and a much-heightened element of unpredictability.

  • Tip: Make sure you are familiar with all the weapons in the game so you can enter the fight without having to worry about a random gun you have never used before.

Moreover, rising triumphant in Gulag fights demands a good strategy, patience, and that scorching hot aim since your teammates are not around to have your back and are rather waiting for your release and redeployment in the field to ease off the pressure on them.

New Characters

Four new characters have been added to the game with the launch of season three, namely Wraith, Knight, Antonov and, Captain Price.

  • Wraith happens to be an ex-Norwegian Intelligence Services warfare specialist, considered an important asset in winter operations. Being a ruthless, cold-blooded agent makes her the perfect choice against NATO forces.
  • Knight, is of an innate predisposition to kill. Born in Dublin, this former MI6 operative specializes in close-quarter clashes and induces fear in the hearts of his enemies.
  • Antonov found his way into the military as a means of compensating for his jail time and is notorious for being a swift killer. He is more than willing to take on jobs that everybody else has turned down, including bomb defusal and hazmat work.
  • Last but not least, the legendary Captain Price joins the operators in Warzone. Suitably clad in a dark outfit, carrying tactical gear, the countenance of this legend brings back years’ worth of memories for Call of Duty fans.

New Weapons

First off, let’s mention the PPSh-41 SMG, a classic in the Call of Duty series, which makes its debut in Warzone. The high fire rate and a large magazine capacity of this gun set it apart from the others, the relatively moderate damage per shot the only downside. You could get your hands on this beast of a gun for free at Tier 15 of this season’s Battle Pass.

Second on the list is the Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle, the sheer sight of which sends those marksman players salivating all over the place. Tune in your lethal aim and let the gun do the rest. Among the main features of this gun is its breathtaking accuracy, the mixture of which with faster rechambering and aiming speeds with a relatively large magazine capacity render it a lethal choice.

Third, we are going to talk about the Ballistic Knife. You might know this gun from the very first Call of Duty Black Ops. You have the choice of either utilizing this knife as a melee weapon or furtively shooting lethal blades out of it, thanks to the spring-action mechanism. Being a knife, however, it is best used in close-quarter fights unless if you don’t find yourself questioning your knife-throwing skills from long distances!

The fourth one on the list is a tactical Rifle called CARV.2, a burst-fire rifle joining the M16, boasts high-damage shots with an increased bullet velocity. Add to that a fairly controllable recoil pattern and large magazine capacity, and you would have an effective gun for mid-range to long-range exchange of lead.

This season also adds another pistol to the gun pool. AMP63 straddles the line between a pistol and an automatic SMG in the sense that you could deal a high amount of damage in a rather short time, which makes you an unquestionable threat for short-range heated fights.

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