Call Of Duty: Warzone nerfs Krampus after player complaints

Krampus will no longer be able to ruin your Christmas quite so easily in Call Of Duty, as it’s removed from the final stages of Warzone.

Every online game has its Christmas updates but this year a lot of them have ended up upsetting fans, from Battlefield 2042’s Father Christmas outfit to the annoyingly dangerous Krampus in Call Of Duty.

There have been so many complaints about Krampus that Activision has had to take note and change how he works in Call Of Duty: Warzone.

As a result, developer Raven Software has announced that they’ve ‘significantly’ reduced Krampus’ health in all modes and made it so he won’t spawn in after the fourth circle.

In Warzone though he acts more randomly, which is one of the reasons he’s upset some players.

He will prioritise players that get lumps of coal from holiday crates, but otherwise he’ll spend three minutes trying to hunt down his target before disappearing but is then able to respawn to try again with someone else.

Stopping him from doing this in the endgame is one of the most important changes Raven has made, as well as making him easier to kill in the first place.

The Call Of Duty Festival Fervor event has also added a number of other seasonal extras, including the potentially helpful Elf Team Six squad.

There’s also a mountain of Christmas themed cosmetics, as well as Drop Zone variant Armageddon, which will only run over the festive season.

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