Capcom "Carefully Preserving" Original Feel Of Resident Evil 4 In Darker Remake

Long-rumored and first revealed at Sony's State of Play earlier this month, Capcom's initial teaser trailer showed us a much more cinematic-feeling remake of Resident Evil 4. The trailer began with Leon meeting the President of the United States to receive personal mission orders to rescue his daughter Ashley from a mysterious cult in Spain (hence the Spanish guitar). Ashley is then seen running from an unseen pursuer, while Leon arrives at a much darker Las Plagas village than players might remember from the 2005 original.

Capcom only showed a little additional gameplay in the second trailer, but what they revealed was a much darker, moodier Resident Evil 4 than the original. Resident Evil 4 director Yasuhiro Anpo and producer Yoshiaki Hiarabayashi also confirmed that the development team will be "carefully preserving what makes the original title special" while giving it a modern revamp similar to Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.

The opening sections of Resident Evil 4 are some of the most iconic moments in gaming, and based on the gameplay footage revealed, Capcom is taking the remake in a much darker direction. Leon carefully makes his way through a ruined gate and approaches a house he can barely see, with only the moonlight filtering through the trees to guide his path. Sadly, the footage ends there, but it confirms just the sort of mood Resident Evil 4 Remake will set.

Other big announcements tonight included Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC, which will tell Rose's story years after the events of village. It will also add third-person camera controls and The Mercenaries, a survival mode where players control Village's more powerful characters to defeat waves of enemies. Capcom also surprise released current-gen updates for the first three Resident Evil games and gave us the delightful dinosaur tornados of Exoprimal.

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