Capcom Fighting Collection: Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix-What Is An Around The World Counter?

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Capcom Fighting Collection uses achievements called Fighter Awards to encourage players to spend more time with each game, diving deeper into their hidden features and mechanics. One example of such an award is "Around The World," which rewards a bronze medal for performing an Around The World Counter in Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Pocket Fighter).

Tips For Performing An Around The World Counter

Now that you understand the conditions required to perform an Around The World Counter, we should discuss how to achieve this feat in-game. The more you play Pocket Fighter, the higher your chances of nailing this counter hit. So, you could leave it up to chance if you want to work for it.

However, because Around The World Counters are so rare, it's a good idea to figure out how to increase those odds. One option is mastering your character's move set, practicing counter hits, and paying attention to how many damage points it takes to stun your opponent. Still, you can also learn how to use Capcom Fighting Collection's new features to bend the odds in your favor.

Play Aggressively

An Around The World Counter is a fun easter egg in Pocket Fighter. Still, it's not a mechanic you can manipulate into happening on its own. Doing so requires knowing your character's and opponent's attack and stun values. Therefore, the best advice we can give you is to play aggressively.

First, focus on pressuring your character with flash combos and special attacks. Furthermore, even better if you can level up your specials with gems. When you feel you've inflicted enough damage that your next attack may cause a stun, go for a counter with a guard crush or dashing punch attack.

Again, in a more controlled setting, this strategy makes sense. But unfortunately, it does not account for the actions of the game's AI. So, performing Around The World Counters becomes less practical if you play on a higher difficulty level.

Change The Game Settings

Aggressive fighting works if you have the time to wait for the perfect opportunity to land an Around The World Counter. But what if you want to nail the achievement quickly and get it out of the way? In this case, we suggest adjusting some key game settings. Here are the values you need to change.

  • Difficulty: Zero Stars
  • Attack Power: Low
  • Timer Speed: Slow

Changing these values will A) make your opponent attack and guard less and B) give you more time and hits to activate a stun without knocking out your opponent.

Take Advantage Of Quick Saves

The quickest way to game the system and snag an easy Around The World Counter is through Quick Saves. You can save your game state anytime in the pause menu, even during a match. The key to this strategy is quick-saving your game the moment before you stun an opponent. Here are the steps:

  1. Raise Your Opponent's Stun Gauge: First, corner your opponent and attack them with an easily repeatable special move (Ryu's Shoryuken, for example). Land this move three to four times.
  2. Quick Save Your Game: After you've landed your third or fourth special move, pause and quick save your game. Then, continue attacking and save your game state before each attack.
  3. Stun Your Opponent: Eventually, you'll notice your attack stunned your opponent. DO NOT SAVE THE GAME AT THIS POINT.
  4. Load Your Last Quick Save: Go into the pause menu and load your last quick save. If you've followed these steps correctly, you'll restart the game from the moment before you stunned your opponent.
  5. Stun Your Opponent With A Launching Counter Hit: Hit your opponent with a Guard Crush, Dashing Punch Attack, or any other launcher you discovered with your character in training mode. If you land this attack and it counters, you'll likely activate an Around The World Counter. However, if you fail, reload your quick save and try again.

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