Cash in the attic: DON’T bin your child’s Pokemon cards, they could be worth a fortune

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If you, your children, or your grandchildren ever collected Pokemon cards, then you could be sitting on a small fortune. Pokemon cards have become highly collectible over the years, particularly the older cards from the 1990s. Needless to say, if you come across any old Pokemon cards next time you’re cleaning up the attic, resist the urge to immediately throw them in the bin. While many are probably worthless, there are some reasonably common Pokemon Trading Cards that are worth hundreds, and potentially even thousands of pounds.

A recent report on FandomSpot has revealed some of the most common yet valuable Pokemon cards that can be found in the wild. The list (below) includes cards from the late 90s, all the way up until 2021.

For instance, you could potentially make upwards of £2,000 for a Base Set Charizard card from 1999, or just under £1,500 for a Dragon Frontiers Charizard Star card from 2006.

A 2021 Shining Fates Charizard VMAX card is worth around £505, while a Holo EX Team Rocket Returns Torchic goes for up to £840.

According to vintage collectible expert Marc Airey, Pokemon cards produced by the trading card company Wizards of the West Coast (pre-mid-2000s) are worth the most cash. You should also look out for holographic cards from Wizards of the West Coast, as well as Jungle sets and Rocket sets.

Cards in immaculate condition are worth the most money, so it’s worth investing in some high quality sleeves if you find any valuable cards that are to be sent off for grading.

Speaking of which, cards can be graded (valued) by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) or Beckett BGS. UK grading companies include Platinum Card Grading and Majesty Grading.

If you plan on collecting cards for yourself, or if you want to keep hold of some for future sales, Airey says not to handle cards with cotton gloves, as they could scratch the surface.

Likewise, you probably shouldn’t store the cards anywhere that’s too damp or too warm.

vi tage collectible expert, Marc Airey

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The top 15 most ‘common’ yet valuable Pokemon cards….

1. Base Set Charizard (Shadowless Holo), 1999 – worth $2,736 (£2,034)

2. Dragon Frontiers Charizard Star (Delta Species), 2006 – worth $2,000 (£1,487)

3. EX Deoxys Rayquaza Star, 2005 – worth $1,280 (£952)

4. Holo EX Team Rocket Returns Torchic, 2004 – worth $1,130 (£840)

5. Base Set Shadowless Blastoise (Holo), 1999 – worth $1,067 (£793)

6. Base Set Shadowless Venusaur, 1999 – worth $800 (£595)

7. Base Set Shadowless Mewtwo, 1999 – worth $787 (£585)

8. Base Set Shadowless Chansey, 1999 – worth $773 (£574)

9. Plasma Storm Charizard, 2013 – worth $767 (£570)

10. Base Set Charizard (Holo), 1999 – worth $747 (£555)

11. Krabby Error card fossil expansion, 1999 – worth $733 (£545)

12. Shining Fates Charizard VMAX, 2021 – worth $680 (£505)

13. FireRed & LeafGreen Charizard Ex, 2004 – worth $667 (£496)

14. Aquapolis Lugia, 2003 – worth $634 (£471)

15. Stormfront Charizard, 2008 – worth $600 (£446)

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