Castlevania NES Speedrun World Record Is Now 10:45

Dracula better watch his back, there is a new speedrun record for the NES version of Castlevania. Streamer Jay_Cee has completed the platformer in under 11 minutes. An impressive feat, especially considering how close the leaderboard is for the game’s speedrunning records.

In a Reddit thread dedicated to the new record, you can watch Jay-Cee’s speedy run-through of the classic NES game. It is pure joy to see the shock and awe on the streamer’s face as he completes the game in record time. In fact, he is so overwhelmed he leaves the frame for a few seconds as he is completely overcome with emotions and relief. When he returns, he is almost too overwhelmed to speak. This is clearly a goal the streamer has worked a long time towards and to see it play out on video is pretty awesome.

The streamer is not the only one awed by the new record. In the comments under the video, a few viewers share their excitement at the record-breaking run. One comment shared that this is "definitely well earned” as Jay_Cee has been “grinding this game for so long”. It also gave insight into why this is such an impressive record to break. Apparently, the NES version of Castlevania holds one of the most competitive speedrun gauntlets out there. This is seen in how close the times are for the record holders.

While this new record sits at 10 minutes and 45 seconds, the second place is just 20 seconds away at 11 minutes and 05 seconds. In fact, the top 85 speed runs for the game listed on all fall under 12 minutes, with many just a second or two apart. This makes Jay_Cee’s twenty second lead all the more impressive. However, while it may hold off his competitors for a while, he definitely has a target on his back now.

In other speedrunning news, Elden Ring players have been making headlines with how quickly they have completed the FromSoft title. The game has been beaten in less than 14 minutes, an outrageous number considering how expansive the game is.

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