Celebrate May The 4th With Battlefront’s New Steam Multiplayer Support

Celebrate Star Wars Day by playing the original 2004 Battlefront with friends over Steam for the first time in six years.

Yes, we know there’s a perfectly acceptable Battlefront II available now from EA, but if you don’t care for modern graphics or microtransactions, you could go all the way back to 2004 and play the original Star Wars Battlefront.

There’s just one problem: the original Battlefront’s multiplayer servers have been offline since 2014. There’s local LAN multiplayer, but online multiplayer required some hefty modifications to get working. At least, until now.

Thanks to a surprise update, Battlefront will now use Steam server to support online multiplayer games. Just log in, select Galaxy Multiplayer, and then Internet. This will take you to a game browser to let you see what games are available. Obviously, there aren’t a lot of games since the original Battlefront is super old and not a lot of people are still playing it, but that might change now that multiplayer servers are back up and running.

The update also added additional audio support, new support for different screen resolutions, as well as French, Italian, German, and Spanish language support.

Oh, and there’s even crossplay between GOG and Steam now. How’s that for a May the Fourth present?

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