Check Out The Cel-Shaded Launch Trailer For The XIII Remake

Tomorrow is more than just the launch of next-gen gaming – it’s also the release date for the long-overdue XIII Remake. To celebrate, Microids and PlayMagic have released a launch trailer for XIII Remake, showing off its stunning cel-shaped graphics.

First released in 2003, XIII follows the story of a man without an identity. He’s lost all recollection of who he is, but comes to learn he played a role in a President’s assassination. You’ll face off against deadly enemies with 15 brutal weapons as you try to piece together an elaborate puzzle and figure out who XIII really is. It’s based on a classic graphic novel, so rest assured it’s got a deep and engaging story to tell.

The launch trailer touches on this briefly, before showing off the incredible, reworked graphics. Everything is still cel-shaded and cartoony, but it looks like a completely new game running on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out the full launch trailer below:

Although XIII launches on November 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Switch owners will need to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the game. A few weeks ago, Microids made the tough call to bump it back to a 2021 release on Nintendo Switch. The official statement doesn’t explain why it’s getting delayed, only to “stay tuned for a future announcement regarding the Switch release date.” That unfortunate news did come with a bright spot, in the form of another gameplay trailer.

When it first released in 2003, XIII garnered generally positive reviews. Right now it sits at a 72 on Metacritic, with most outlets praising its engaging story and graphics. However, some weren’t fans of its straightforward combat system and its lack of depth. We’re not sure how much has changed since the original – beyond the fancy new graphics – but anyone who enjoyed the original will probably find much to love in its remake.

XIII Remake will be available November 10 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Switch owners will need to wait a bit longer, as it’s been delayed until 2021.

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