Chrono Trigger And Silent Hill-Inspired Horror JRPG Lucid Soul Launches Kickstarter

Lucid Soul – from sole-indie developer Jon Bookout – has launched its Kickstarter campaign in hopes of bringing its horror JRPG narrative to life.

The game draws inspiration from games such as Lunar: Silver Star, Eternal Blue, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Silent Hill, relying more on the horror genre itself, rather than jump scares. Experienced through visuals, activities, and the world around you, Bookout hopes that the elements of horror stick with you, making you “think about what you’ve done or seen after you put the controller down.”

Lucid Soul puts you in the role of villains as the unlikely (and potential unwilling) protagonists as you take on an army of humanoids who have been cursed with Black Dragon blood – each one more unsettling in appearance than the last. Humans and demons alike unite to take on the threat, with player characters who are just as terrifying and deadly as the ones they are battling against.

The game is expected to contain over 30+ hours of gameplay, featuring all of the elements that you might expect from a traditional RPG, such as turn-based combat, upgradable abilities, and typical text-based banter. A gameplay trailer showing off Lucid Soul’s combat system actually makes light of combat mechanics from traditional JRPG combat, but does so in a way that’s not patronizing or undermining of the genre – which makes sense given the developer’s clear passion for old-school RPGs.

The Kickstarter campaign kicked off on February 18, and runs until Saturday, March 20 at 6:30pm EST. The campaign has already seen an impressive amount of backers, (at the time of this writing) already funding over $28,000 of the campaign’s $50,000 goal, which will directly contribute to the developer’s costs related to the production and development of the game.

Although no official release date has been revealed, we do know that Lucid Soul will be making its way to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Steam. It is estimated that backers will receive their respective rewards sometime around October 2022, which will likely coincide with the game’s full release.

There are some pretty fun rewards to select from, so be sure to back the project before it ends on March 20.

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