Claim The Tainted Throne With Your New Mutation And Symbiont In Sixth Arboria Update

Video game developer Dreamplant and publisher All In Games recently announced the Tainted Throne update for their rogue-lite dark fantasy game Arboria. This is the game’s sixth major update during its Steam Early Access phase, and brings with it a list of numerous new items, improvements, and quality of life fixes.

The Tainted Throne update was announced by way of a press release and the Official Tainted Throne Update Trailer published to the All In Games YouTube channel. Also coming with the update announcement is a special 25% promotion discount on the game’s Early Access price, marking it down to $14.99 until November 27.

ICYMI, Arboria is a 3D third-person rogue-lite action RPG in which you play a Yotun warrior. You possess a Symbiont (or it possesses you) and Mutations which give you extraordinary abilities. You are tasked with guiding the Yotun on the journey toward becoming The Chosen One, the one who will save The Father Tree, the source of all life in Durnar, and also save the Tribe of Yotunz from extinction. To accomplish this mighty feat, you will have to leave the safety of your home Refuge and go forth into The Hole, which leads into an underground realm of risk and ruin.

Arboria features real-time dynamic combat, procedurally generated dungeons, a variety of enemies to overcome, and a host of Symbiotic weapons and Mutations to use against them. One key feature of your weapons is that they mutate and become stronger through use.

The Tainted Throne update adds in a slew of new upgrades, including the mechanic of Mutagens, “a set of modifiers that alter a variety of gameplay mechanics.“ There’s a new Symbiont (Whip), a new Mutation (Earthtwist), a new Symbiont & Armor Tier (Basalt), new NPCs (Tenigax and Merchant), a new biome (World 3), new Plague enemies (Trunk, Cyfly, Ribjaw), and a new Boss, The Reptilz King.

The recently-posted Dev Diary #3 – What’s new in the Tainted Throne Update over on Arboria’s Steam page discusses The Reptilz King, including some details on its three elemental variants. There’s also mention of the Bugz Queen, and what you’ll need to do to obtain the Bugz Summon Mutation Blueprint. There are also more details on the Earthtwist Mutation, Tenigax the Tail Vendor, and the three new Mutantz Trunk, Ribjaw, and Cyfly.

According to Arboria’s Roadmap of Updates, there are only two major updates remaining, which hopefully means the game is getting near its official release date. Follow along on the official Arboria website and Twitter channel.

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