Co-op Puzzle Title Unrailed! Chugs Along To PC And Console In September

Shown off just moments ago during Nintendo’s Indie World Direct today, co-op puzzle titled Unrailed! will be heading to PC and consoles on September 23, 2020. You may have initially mistaken the game as a Switch exclusive, but it will be available on every modern platform in a little over a month.

The short trailer shown explained everything you’d need to know. Up to four players can team up to attempt to guide a train across uncharted lands. You’ll lay down tracks, avoid traps, and do your best to ensure your cargo makes it unscathed. Along the way, you can upgrade the train, add some additional cargo for a higher score, and even screw over your friends for laughs. Basically, this is Overcooked for people that love toy train sets.

Interestingly, Unrailed! has been available in Steam Early Access since last year. This full release for consoles will include all of the content made available to Unrailed! over the last year as well as have some extra goodies. You can expect new player costumes, a sandbox mode, additional wagons, and a full single-player campaign when the game launches.

If you’re worried that the multiplayer options will be limited to local play, don’t be. Unrailed! features full support for online multiplayer up to four players. It’s basically like being on a virtual couch with your friends…just with maybe a tiny bit of lag. There are no severe reports of laggy play from the current PC build, so I don’t think you’ll need to worry too much here.

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment is teasing a new Biome for the game’s final release. “The new Mars biome is the most challenging so far, featuring a hazardous environment with a mysterious entity that blocks your path and shoots at your train.” Apparently, there won’t be any water and you’ll have to make liberal use of your energy shields. I thought this was a game about trains!

There’s no current word on whether or not Unrailed! will get a physical release on consoles, but it likely won’t cost you too much. The game is $17 on Humble, so I wouldn’t expect more than $20 when it hits full release.

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