Communicating In League Of Legends Is About To Get A Lot Easier

Coordinating with your team in League of Legends is about to get a lot easier, thanks to a new preseason update. A new ping wheel has been unveiled, offering players a whole bunch of ways to communicate without turning on their mic.

The new wheel contains eight different options, making it so you can better describe what you're planning to do in the match. Of course, there are also options to direct your team and ask for aid, or to describe what you're seeing on the map. On top of this, teams will be able to vote on what objective they should be aiming for, so you can all work as one to bring your enemies down.

"League is a team game at its core", reads an overview of the updates coming to League of Legends' PBE server. "In order to better facilitate communication between teammates we’re doubling the number of pings available to players."

As of this update, eight pings will be available. These are: Retreat, On My Way, Assist Me, Enemy Missing, Push, All-In, Hold, and Bait. There will also be a separate ping wheel for you to discuss vision, allowing you to say: Vision Cleared, Enemy Vision, Need Vision.

All of these pings will also appear wherever the player is on screen. If they're offscreen, they will still show you where they are, better helping you coordinate with your squad.

For the time being, the Preseason 2023 changes will be exclusive to PBE players. They will be rolled out over the "next few weeks", and likely added to the main game sometime after this, presumably in the new year.

This is far from the only change being tested in PBE. As of the Preseason update, players can buy jungle pets via the in-game store. The pets are levelled up through fighting, and once evolved, will share their buffs with the player. It remains to be seen when this is carried over into public matches.

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