Conqueror’s Blade Declares All-Out War with Open Beta Launch


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Conqueror’s Blade is a tactical action MMO that fuses RTS gameplay with cinematic action. It’s free to download and play today!

It’s set on a sprawling continent, a vast canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of conquest. With a blade in hand and an army assembled players lead their forces to war. They’ll take the land with fire and force in online siege battles. Then, build an empire from the ashes and rule with an iron fist.

Create a Warlord

Conqueror’s Blade invites players to begin their military career by creating a unique warlord. They’ll start by selecting a gender, hairstyle, tattoos, and scars (among other options). They’ll choose one of 10 different weapon classes to specialize in. Each class is inspired by iconic weaponry from different medieval and feudal cultures and boast their own unique combat styles.

The sword and shield classes offer a classic balance between attack and defense. It allows warlords the mobility and lethality to take on ground infantry units. Ranged weapons (like the bow, short bow, and musket) can be used to pick off enemies from a distance. For a combination of range and melee, the poleaxe, spear, and glaive offer a hands-on compromise between reach and brute strength. Dual blades can be used to deliver swift and fatal flurries to the enemy. Finally, the two-handed nodachi blade channels the stoicism and valor of the samurai.

Raise An Army

Once a leader is created, players will start building their forces. Units from some of history’s greatest military forces are available to enlist in every new army. The game includes warriors from Britain, France, Switzerland, China, the Byzantine Empire, and even the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Part of the thrill of combat in Conqueror’s Blade is mixing and matching the units you lead on the battlefield and seeing historically distant warriors clash for the first time.

Apart from the sheer visual joy of it all, players will see how different combat styles and weapons fare when they’re pitted against each other. Can a blockade of Ming dynasty Spear Guards withstand a charge from the Byzantine-era Cataphract Lancers? Can the French Coutiliers stand their ground against the firepower of the Spanish Tercio Arquebusiers? Players can even customize specific historical units with other culture’s armor sets and weapons!

Siege Combat

Armies can engage in smaller skirmishes and PvE battles on the open world map, but 15 vs. 15 online siege combat is the real meat of the dish. It’s how players will make their mark on this world.

Artillery can be used to attack castles and deal damage to enemies. Historically authentic weapons (like trebuchets and ballistae, hwacha arrow launchers, cannons, and even mortars) can be used to crumble any force that stands in the way. Enemy battlements can be scaled and breached using siege towers and ladders. Then battering rams can be deployed to splinter fortress gates. When the keep is stormed and the flag captured, the work is finished!

Fight Together

Siege combat offers a gratifying cinematic sense of scale and action, but wise leaders must know when to attack, and when to extend an olive branch to rival warlords. By joining or creating a house players can unite with others under a single banner for the betterment of all. Benefits of fighting together include shared resources, greater spoils, and a stronger more unified empire!

Conqueror’s Blade has a player-driven ecosystem. The political and physical landscapes of this world can be directly affected by the actions of every player. As armies acquire more land and castles to defend, strategic alliances may seem more powerful than physical fortification. Forming an alliance with other houses will create a powerful union, and further secure an empire!

Start Your Conquest

The battlefield awaits its warlords! Conqueror’s Blade is now available to download and play for free!

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