Control The Lives Of Anime Girls (Because You Can’t Control Your Own) In New Idolmaster Game

There’s a new Idolmaster game coming for home consoles, in case you wanted to feel like you’re in control of some part of your life.

Although mostly a Japanese title, The Idolmaster has a cult following here in the West. The series began way back in 2005 as a combination raising simulator and rhythm game for arcades (of all places), but since then it’s expanded to encompass both consoles and mobile platforms.

In almost every Idolmaster game, you play as a producer managing a group of prospective Idols–basically Japanese pop-stars. It’s your job to make them famous by booking gigs and interviews, as well as managing their stress levels. A common theme in Idolmaster games is a “tension meter” that if it gets too full will cause your Idol to have a meltdown. So basically just like real life.

Another commonality between Idolmaster games is exploring the relationships between characters, whether they be producers or even rival Idols. This makes the games part dating sim as well as a raising and management simulator.

Idolmaster first came to consoles back in 2007 on the Xbox 360 before making the move to mobile in 2010. After that, the franchise pretty much exploded and now spans 27 games and counting.

And a new game is about to be added to the list. Bandai Namco has announced that a brand new Idolmaster game will be revealed on January 20th in a livestream happening at 20:00 Japan time, or 6 AM EST. We know it’ll be a console title, but that’s all we have in terms of official confirmation.

However, we have a few guesses. A teaser video released on December 26th for Idolmaster‘s 15th anniversary showcases characters from several past Idolmaster games, including The Idolmaster, The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, The Idolmaster Million Live!, The Idolmaster Side M, and The Idolmaster Shiny Colors.

Additionally, an official 15th Anniversary website opened that suggests a new game will feature a collaborative crossover between the games’ various production companies. This means we might see a game that combines many of the franchise’s previous characters into a single game.

All this is speculation, though. We’ll find out for sure on January 20th. You can watch the announcement live on Bandai Namco’s website.

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