Crash Bandicoot On The Run Release Date Revealed By App Store

Crash Bandicoot’s first foray onto mobile is coming soon, although not as soon as some might have hoped according to the iOS store.

While hardcore gamers might not want to admit it, mobile gaming is big business right now. More people had played Mario Kart Tour within days of its release than had played Mario Katy 8 Deluxe during its first three years. That’s why it might seem as if Nintendo, Ubisoft, and other developers are putting more time and effort into mobile games than titles on console and PC.

The next mainstream video game character to run onto mobile will be Crash Bandicoot, and we mean that quite literally. It was announced earlier this year that Candy Crush developers King are working on a Crash mobile game. A runner, like many other mobile games, that was even accompanied by the reveal trailer below.

That trailer was revealed all the way back in July, and pre-registration for the game opened at the same time. However, there hasn’t been much in the way of news since, until now. According to an updated release date on the iOS store, Crash Bandicoot: On The Run will be released for Apple devices on March 25, 2021, although it is accompanied by an “expected” label so may be subject to change.

Despite having to wait, at least, another five months for On The Run, King has already revealed a lot about what players can expect from the game. It will feature levels and bosses that Crash fans will be very familiar with, as well as a playable version of Crash’s sister Coco. Players in Malaysia were even given an early chance to play the game while the rest of the world could do nothing more than pre-register.

Chances are Crash’s creators have been focusing on the release of It’s About Time for the majority of 2020. Now that the new console game is out, the focus can return to On The Run. Perhaps March 2021 will finally be when Crash is added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, although we have a sneaky suspicion that the first Crash character added to the game won’t be the world’s favorite bandicoot.

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