Crytek Apologizes For Hunt: Showdown’s Buggy Traitor’s Moon Event

Crytek has apologized for the buggy release of Hunt: Showdown’s latest event, Traitor’s Moon. The first event of 2022, Traitor’s Moon arrived alongside a brand new DLC pack, The Meridian Turncoat, which includes the new Turncoat Legendary Hunter, two new legendary weapons (Crossfire and Ambush), and a new legendary ammo box.

It also arrived with a bunch of bugs, connection issues, and on console, controller sensitivity issues. The event was scheduled to run from March 24 to April 14, but to make up for the days lost to technical problems, Crytek has decided to gift players an additional four days to grind out the event rewards.

"We understand that there have been several issues that have prevented some of you from comfortably participating in the event," wrote Crytek. "These have all been very frustrating and we understand the impact that the downtimes and issues have had for many of you.

"As of now, we are extending the event until April 18th to allow those that have been impacted by this some extra time to complete as much of the event as possible. We are also aware that some of you may have lost out on boosts due to the downtime, so we are currently in the process of determining how to best compensate for these. We will keep you updated once we know more."

Hunt: Showdown players seem to have taken Crytek’s apology well, with one Redditor writing the extra four days were "a very good gesture and very appreciated. But I think there needs to be some big bug crushing focus and infrastructure improvements for the next months or so, no big-time content additions, just fixes and balancing."

Hunt: Showdown is one of the best multiplayer games that nobody is really talking about, but it does have its core of die-hard fans. Hopefully, Crytek takes this Redditor’s advice to heart.

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