Cult Of The Lamb: 9 Best Ways To Make Money

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  • Extort Tithes
  • Appoint A Tax Enforcer
  • Gamble At The Lonely Shack
  • Consecrate Gold Nuggets
  • Sell Excess Resources
  • Upgrade The Temple
  • Go On A Crusade
  • Perform the Ritual Of Enrichment
  • Complete The Devotion Tree

Coins are the most ubiquitous resource in Cult Of The Lamb. Buildings, blueprints, Tarot cards and more all cost money, to say nothing of bribing Followers and making offerings of gold to unknown eldritch horrors. Until the endgame, chances are you'll always find yourself in need of more cash, even if you had plenty moments ago.

If the donation box is feeling a little light, there are several ways to get more Coins to fund your cult. Read on to learn all about Cult Of The Lamb's myriad methods for making money.

Extort Tithes

Early in the game, you can squeeze a few extra Coins out of your Followers by enacting the Extort Tithes Doctrine. It's one of the first available tenets from the Possessions category, and can be taken instead of Bribe Follower.

Once Extort Tithes is enabled, a Coin icon will start to appear on the menu whenever you interact with a Follower. Select it, and the Follower will give happily give you a Coin – for the good of the faith, of course. You can extort each Follower once per day, so try to do so at the same time you give out your daily Blessings.

Appoint A Tax Enforcer

Completing the Law & Order Doctrine category gives you the opportunity to designate a Follower as the cult's Tax Enforcer. The lucky devotee will get a top hat, making them easily recognizable in a crowd, and whenever they pass another Follower during their daily routine they'll shake their fellow cultist down for Coins. Talking to the Tax Enforcer lets you take all the cash they've collected and add it to your inventory.

Admittedly, by the time the Tax Enforcer becomes available there are better ways to make money, but if you need a few dozen extra Coins it can't hurt to have another income stream in operations!

Gamble At The Lonely Shack

Ratau spends his retirement playing knucklebones with his friends. If you visit him at the Lonely Shack, you can challenge your mentor or one of his guests to the game. By betting Coins, you can bring in some quick cash as long as you win.

Each guest that joins Ratau at his shack is harder to beat than the one before, but also offers a higher maximum bet. If you can master knucklebones against the toughest opponents, you can grind out dozens or even hundreds of Coins over the course of several games without advancing the in-game clock!

Consecrate Gold Nuggets

During crusades, you'll occasionally find Gold Nuggets that you can bring back to the cult village. Once you've built one or more Refineries, you can have Followers consecrate your Gold Nuggets to transform them into Coins. Seven Gold Nuggets becomes five Coins. There isn't anything else you can do with Gold Nuggets, so put them into a Refinery every chance you get!

Sell Excess Resources

Around the same time you defeat your first Bishop, The One Who Waits will place a chest in your village between the Shrine and the crafting table. Items can be placed in this chest as offerings to the deity, who will reward you with Coins.

Rare items like squid or advanced building materials will give you more Coins, but offering the same item over and over lowers its price. An item's sell price will normalize over time, so it's best to use the Offering Box to defray expensive construction costs or to bankroll a gambling streak with Ratau and company.

Upgrade The Temple

Unlocking a new tier of buildings at the Shrine improves both the Shrine and the Temple. Once the Temple has reached a high enough level, a donation box will be added in front of the altar. After each sermon, each Follower that attends will leave Coins in the box based on their Loyalty level. You can collect the accumulated Coins at any time by interacting with the box.

Go On A Crusade

You'll find plenty of Coins while battling the heretics of the Old Faith. If you've exhausted all other options and still need money, some good old-fashioned dungeon crawling will always reward you with gold. A successful crusade will yield the most, since dying and getting resurrected causes you to lose thirty percent of your loot from the run.

Perform the Ritual Of Enrichment

The third tier of Possessions Doctrines lets you unlock the Ritual Of Enrichment, one of the best abilities in the game. By spending some Bones and taking a minor Faith hit, you compel your Followers to give you a huge amount of cash. You'll get money from each Follower, and high-level cultists yield the most cash.

The Ritual Of Enrichment will usually earn you several hundred Coins all in one go, so you should do it as often as you can. If you need a Faith boost afterwards, a quick Feast, Bonfire Ritual, or even a simple sermon should be enough to maintain the Flock's devotion.

Complete The Devotion Tree

Once you've unlocked every possible building at the Shrine, your Followers will no longer provide Devotion. Instead, any time you would receive the now-unnecessary resource, you'll get Coins instead. This should solve most or all of your money problems, ensuring that your final few crusades are well-funded!

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