Cult Of The Lamb Overtakes Spider-Man’s Crown For The Top Spot On Steam

Cult of the Lamb has been a huge success for Massive Monster, so much so that it took the number one top-sellers spot on Steam when it launched last night, dethroning Spider-Man Remastered.

Spider-Man is not only immensely popular but this game, in particular, is the widely praised PlayStation exclusive that has finally made its way to PC. And now it's been overtaken by an Animal Crossing-like with dungeon delving and Satanic rituals. If you've ever thought Animal Crossing needed sacrifices, then you're in luck.

Cult of the Lamb celebrated with a short little clip where you can hear Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin yelling, "We'll meet again, Spider-Man!" Not only has it overtaken Spider-Man Remastered as seen in the clip, but it also topped the Steam Deck, Valve's own handheld console.

"But seriously, if you haven't played yet, please go play Spider-Man after our game!" Cult of the Lamb tweeted in a follow-up. "It's spectacular."

It was a monumental moment for both games, hitting Steam's top two spots in the top-sellers on launch, but overnight, the Steam Deck crawled back to the top. Cult of the Lamb also fell back behind Spider-Man, so it looks like the two did meet again. Regardless, the devs at Massive Monster can brag about how they managed to top Spider-Man on launch day. Behind it right now is the EA Play subscription, Farthest Frontier, Two Point Campus, Stray, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, FIFA 23, and iRacing.

You can pick up Cult of the Lamb for £19.49 right now. It's already rated Very Positive on Steam with critical praise across the board. In our review, evergreen editor Ryan Thomas Bamsey called it "one of the next indie darlings", giving it a praiseworthy five stars. "The game lures you in with a lush and lurid art style and the promise of action-packing combat, and indoctrinates you with a gameplay look that keeps you coming back for more."

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