Cuphead: How To Beat Beppi The Clown

There are few games as challenging as Cuphead. This gorgeous game is deceptively cute, hiding a grueling challenge just beneath the surface. It’s a boss gauntlet that throws increasingly difficult enemies at players as the game progresses. Cuphead requires patience, skill, and quick reflexes, as one mistake can mean the end for the mighty mug.

With Inkwell Isle One behind him, Cuphead can challenge even tougher enemies in the area ahead. One of the first enemies he’ll encounter in Inkwell Isle Two is Beppi The Clown. This creepy boss has several tricks up his sleeve sure to make Cuphead’s time with him anything but easy. Take note of these tips and tricks to send this clown packing, grabbing his soul contract in the process.


Before heading into the Carnival Kerfuffle, you’ll want to make sure that Cuphead is equipped with the right tools for this fight. We recommend players equip the Charge Shot, Spread Shot, Smoke Bomb, and Super I when confronting Beppi. If you’re running short on coins, be sure to head to some of the Run and Gun levels to grab some. Once you’ve got these items equipped, you’re ready to take on this demented clown.

Phase One

When the fight with Beppi starts, he’ll hop into Bumper Car Jerry for the first phase. He’ll wind up his Bumper Jumper, an attack that slowly inches forward before an aggressive charge to the other side of the map. On top of this, Cardboard Ducks spawns on the top of the stage to harm Cuphead if they can touch him. Some of these ducks also carry lightbulbs. Once Cuphead passes beneath them, they’ll drop the bulbs that light a fire where they fall.

Bait the ducks into dropping their bulbs early or attack them with the Spread Shot to dispose of them. Keep an eye out for pink ducks too. Like other pink items, they can be parried.

Use the Charge Shot to drain Beppi’s health bar in between Bumper Jumper charges. When the charge comes, jump and use the Smoke Bomb to gain temporary invincibility. Eventually, he’ll fall out of the bumper car, and his return signals the start of Phase Two.

Phase Two

In Phase Two, Beppi transforms into a giant balloon that glares down at Cuphead from above. He’ll sit in a metal mechanism with several pipes strewn within. Each opening in this contraption is capable of spawning a new type of minion: the Balloon Dogs. These rubber canines will chase Cuphead down after emerging. There’s even a Rollercoaster in this phase that will occasionally roll in, covering the bottom of the stage. Cuphead has to run and avoid the Yellow and Orange Passengers on top of the balloons populating the stage.

When this phase begins, swap to the Spread Shot and aim up to hit Beppi’s Balloon above. When the rollercoaster isn’t around, try to lock Cuphead in place so he can snap between unloading on the boss and his minions as they spawn. Be on the lookout for pink Balloon Dogs, as these can be parried for easy EX Gauge build.

When the rollercoaster comes barreling in, hop in, avoiding the spiky head car and its chomping teeth. Try to parry the head’s pink nose for some EX Gauge as well. When Cuphead is in the car, keep moving to the right as the car constantly moves. Fire the Spread Shot constantly to decimate any Balloon Dogs cluttering Cuphead’s path. The car will eventually leave, and players can resume their lock-in strategy. Just keep an eye out for the roller coaster car in the background, as it will return. Eventually, this balloon will burst, and Beppi will start Phase Three.

Phase Three Form One

In Phase Three, Beppi will call out the Charlie Horse to aid him in battle. Beppi will ride his steed into battle, spawning in from the screen’s left or right side. It’ll have a distinct attack depending on which color spawns in, so make sure to take note of its attacks. The rollercoaster will continue to spawn in, so keep an eye out for the monstrous machine.

Charlie Horse’s Green Form shoots out two Horseshoes at a time. These horseshoes will loop from the top to the bottom of the screen until they ride offscreen. Occasionally, a pink horseshoe will spawn that can be parried but prioritize surviving this encounter unscathed. Once you’ve evaded this attack, dash back to Beppi and fire at him from below with the Spread Shot. He can’t attack you from above when Cuphead is directly beneath him, so take advantage of his weakness.

Phase Three Form Two

Charlie Horse’s second form sees him spew a row of horseshoes with a safe spot in between them. They’ll head out and return, hovering briefly before crashing down. Look for the safe spot in this row of horseshoes and dash to it to evade damage. If the roller coaster car is absent, head beneath Beppi and fire off the Spread Shot to widdle his health down. Eventually, Beppi will fall and fade out, signifying the start of the Final Phase.

Final Phase

Beppi will return to the center of the screen briefly before transforming into the Chair Swing. Head to the center of the map, swap to the Spread Shot, and aim up to do easy damage early in the phase. Be wary of the returning Rollercoaster, as it will fly at a breakneck pace with more passengers than before. To avoid this overwhelming carnival ride, hop up to the chair swing platforms. These will rotate as well, so hop between them carefully while firing the spread shot at Beppi.

When the Rollercoaster leaves, Beppi will puke up the Ball of Chaos. This attack spawns several new minions known as the Ball Penguins. This troublemaking set of penguins will each toss a baseball at Cuphead from range. Dealing with this attack can be overwhelming, so use your Super I if you’re struggling. It’ll give you a brief bit period of invincibility while doing absurd amounts of damage. It won’t kill Beppi, but it’ll shred his health. Stay vigilant in this encounter, and you’ll defeat this boss with health to spare, grabbing another soul contract.

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