Cuphead: How To Beat Rumor Honeybottoms

When conversations about challenging video games emerge, Cuphead is almost always mentioned. Known as one of the most difficult gaming experiences in the last generation of gaming, even veteran gamers are sure to struggle. Those brave enough to take on Cuphead are in for a stressful journey with over a dozen strenuous boss encounters.

After Cuphead crushes the foes lurking in Inkwell Isle Two, King Dice grants him access to the game’s final Isle. Here, Cuphead must dethrone the queen of bees to snag his next soul contract. Rumor Honeybottoms and her hive of worker bees won’t go quietly and sports several techniques that are a nightmare to handle alone. Check out our tips and tricks to avoid the frustration Rumor Honeybottoms can invoke with her harrowing encounter.

6 Preparations

Before heading into Honeycomb Herald, Cuphead must make sure he’s prepared for this tough fight. To combat Rumor Honeybottoms, he’ll need to master a weapon not used before this fight. Head to the overworld and equip the Charge Shot, Lobber, Smoke Bomb, and Super I. If you’re missing any of these items, head to Porkrind’s Emporium and spend some hard-earned cash. Take a detour through one of the game’s Run and Gun levels if you’re short on change. With these items ready, go back to the Queen Bee’s domain, and be ready for a swell battle.

5 Phase One

Like Grim Matchstick’s boss fight, Rumor Honeybottom’s arena forces Cuphead to platform consistently. The stage will constantly sink beneath a sea of honey. Make sure to keep climbing as the fight moves on, watching out for falling honey, planning where you’ll jump next.

Before Cuphead can challenge the hive’s queen, she’ll have to take our her top enforcer, the Security Bee. This beefy bee will fly in from offscreen, with several destitute Bee Workers accompanying him throughout the phase. Try to avoid making contact with either of these minions, as they’ll damage Cuphead if he comes in contact with them. While the Bee Workers don’t have any attacks of their own, the Security Bee will occasionally place Bumble Bombs (shown above.)

Each of these Bumble Bombs sends six Spikes flying in a different direction. Half of these obstacles are pink, which means Cuphead can parry them. If they come close, try and parry one to help build your EX Gauge. Be careful not to trap yourself by chasing them, only hitting them when it’s convenient.

For this phase, Equip the Charge Shot and shoot the Security Bee as soon as it begins. Keep unloading shots as often as possible. Half a dozen Charge Shots sends this security guard packing, forcing Rumor Honeybottoms out of hiding.

When Honeybottoms appears, she uses three separate attacks during the second phase. Each of these moves is largely different from the other, so make sure you know what moves she has up her sleeve before she crushes Cuphead.

4 Phase Two-Option One

In Phase Two, Rumor Honeybottoms will randomly spawn on the right, left, or middle of the screen. Watch out for her finger pointing to the area she’ll inhabit when she spawns. It’ll give Cuphead a second to move away from her and get into firing position. She uses a variety of Sorceress attacks this phase, so be ready for ranged retribution.

Honeybottoms’ first attack allows her to call forth a magic projectile called the Tri-Angles. This three-pointed weapon fires pink projectiles from each of its ends. The Tri-Angle itself will spin and move around the stage. Try to stay away from the main body and parry the tiny pieces that spawn from the main body to avoid taking damage. Honeybottoms fires off several of these Tri-Angles for each activation, so keep an eye out for the shadow that highlights where these obstacles will spawn.

Keep using the Charge Shot when possible, making sure to nail shots when you take them. The queen bee continues to move around the arena, swapping moves for as long as this phase persists, so be ready for each option, as it’s highly likely Cuphead will run into each attack, even facing certain phases multiple times.

3 Option Two

Honeybottoms will also use the Purple Projectile in some scenarios of Phase Two. Unlike the Tri-Angles, these orbs don’t erupt, slowly floating around the stage in the process. Honeybottoms can have two of these orbs floating around the stage at once, but Cuphead can parry them repeatedly to evade damage and stockpile EX Gauge energy. If you get boxed in by these orbs, use the Smoke Bomb to teleport out of a corner and come out unscathed.

Make sure to use the charge shot between dodges to pick at Honeybottoms’ health for as long as she is on the field.

2 Option Three

When Rumor Honeybottoms spawns in the center of the field during this phase, players can be certain that she’s about to fire off some Bullet Bees. She’ll drop her head down on a chain that hovers over the bottom of the map. Every few seconds, she’ll shoot off these bees that loop around the half of the stage they spawn on. Carefully weave your way around these missiles while aiming at the queen’s head. This is the only way to hurt her in this form. Hitting any other part of her body will result in an ineffective shot. Be careful and persevere, mitigating damage as much as possible.

1 Final Phase

Once Rumor Honeybottoms enters the field with a spellbook in hand, players know that she’s about to start the Final Phase. If you have enough EX charge, use Super I while she’s shuffling through pages. This is a great way to shred her health before her eyes start to shift.

When Honeybottoms makes a face shown above, players have several seconds before she shapeshifts into the Buzzplane, a new form that comes with several new attacks. Swap to your Lobber weapon; once she settles on the bottom of the screen in her new form, start firing at the center of her body to deal damage.

One of Honeybottom’s new attacks, Homing Hands, shoots a handful of flying fists that chase Cuphead down should he cross their path. Try to stay away from their launchers to avoid being targeted as often. Stay to the side and shoot the Lobber as often as possible, aiming near the propeller.

Homing Hands is not the only new attack at Honeybottom’s disposal; she also has What The Bee Saw, a powerful melee attack that shreds anything that comes in contact with the blade. When Rumor Honeybottoms starts scrunching her eyes, cackling, it means this attack is incoming. Watch what arm is charging up the attack and head to the opposite side, aiming to stay in the middle of the map to avoid taking damage. Keep lobbing shots at Rumor Honeybottoms until she falls to acquire her soul contract, ending this maniacal monarch.

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