Cuphead: How To Beat Werner Werman

One of Inkwell Isle Three’s residents, Werner Werman, is a European rat with an attitude as bad as his equipment. He’ll use an array of garbage and debris to overwhelm Cuphead, so make sure that you’re prepared for an indoor battle with the game’s meanest mouse.


Before you head into Murine Corps, outfit Cuphead with the Charge Shot, Spread Shot, Smoke Bomb, and Super I. You’ll want to have this set equipped for the handful of moves at Werner’s disposal. Feel free to grab any outstanding items from this list at Porkrind’s Emporium.

Phase One

In the first phase of this boss encounter, Werner will pilot a soup can on wheels. This makeshift vehicle can move quickly around the stage, so be wary of its actions. Werner will use one of three attacks during this encounter, so be on the lookout for the following:

  • Scrap Attack
  • Charged Up
  • Cherry Bombs

Head into the first phase of this boss fight with the Charge Shot equipped, firing off shots in between this rodent’s ongoing attacks.

Scrap Attack

One of the moves Werner will use is his Scrap Attack. He’ll fire off five pieces of garbage at Cuphead with a catapult. Make sure to keep an eye on the debris flying out of the can, as some of the items can be parried. If you see gum flying forward, hop up in the air and slap this trash to build your EX Gauge.

If the items box you in, use your Smoke Bomb to evade damage. The can will rock back and forth slowly during this period, making it the perfect target for a Charge Shot onslaught, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Werner Werman’s second attack is known as Charged Up. After shooting two springboards, Werner will charge forward at Cuphead. There are only two ways to avoid this attack.

‘The first method requires Cuphead to parry one of the springboards at the right moment, gaining some extra height on your jump that’ll allow Cuphead to pass by unscathed.

The other method of evasion requires the Smoke Bomb charm. When Werner charges, wait for him to get close and use the Smoke Dash to zip right past him.

The Smoke Bomb makes surviving this fight far easier than it would be otherwise. Once you’ve slipped by, unload a few Charge Shots to whittle down the boss’s health.

The final attack of Phase One is the Cherry Bomb. Here Werner will load a cannon with cherry-shaped explosives that can damage Cuphead while in the air, on impact, and by firing off two ricochet shots after the initial explosion.

Keep jumping to avoid these devices, and if you feel boxed in, use your super to gain some extra air time while damaging the boss in the process. Swap to the Spread Shot for this attack, as you’ll be too occupied jumping to time Charge Shots. Once Werner’s can break, the next phase will begin.

Phase Two

During Phase Two, Werner will rely on two new attacks to box Cuphead in. The first of these new moves is the Bottle Caps stage modifier. Werner will occasionally make wheels made of bottle caps force themselves forward. If Cuphead touches any of the contraptions, he’ll take damage. Thankfully, these bottle caps have a wind-up period before they extend. Maneuver around the top and bottom of the stage according to how the caps move. Keep using the Charge Shot here, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get some well-timed shots in.


Werner’s second attack, Flame Fury, lets him fire a double-sided flamethrower from the bottom of his impromptu seat. Before the device lets out its flames, players will see a small fire spout from each nozzle. You’ll have several seconds to get out of the way of this attack, so get moving and try not to get too greedy with your shots.

The bottle caps can still attack while this move is ongoing, so have your Smoke Bomb ready in case they box you in. You’ll be able to teleport to the opposite side of Werner’s platform unscathed, avoiding otherwise imminent damage. After a handful of well-placed Charge Shots, Werner will call his most powerful minion, signaling the start of the Final Phase.

Final Phase

After Cuphead thrashes Werman, he’ll call in the Katzenwagen. This robotic cat stashes Werner Werman behind its gargantuan body. Cuphead will have to take this minion down if he wants a shot at its master.

Katzenwagen has two offensive abilities at his disposal for the penultimate phase of this fight:

  • Cat Sc-Rat-ch
  • Wraith Wrath

Each move provides a prolonged attack that Cuphead will have to dodge continuously.

Katzenwagen’s Cat Sc-Rat-ch Attack sends a paw crashing through the stage with several quick slams on the ground. The initial attack can reach well past the middle of the arena (shown above), so when you see this cat’s paw extend, head away from the outstretched arm. Swap to your Spread Shot for this part of the boss fight, as your target is easy to hit from anywhere on the stage, and you won’t have to try and time your shots.


Even after you avoid the scratching paw’s slices, you’re not safe. Once the paw retracts, debris will start to fall from the side of the map where the appendage wasn’t. After the cat pulls back, head to the other side of the screen, as chunks of wood will come falling from the ceiling in a few seconds. Keep your Spread Shot firing, as it’ll keep the hits rolling, even while you’re running.

Katzenwagen’s final attack is his Wraith Wrath, a move that lets him call two Rat Wraiths to attack. As shown above, when his mouth transforms, the incorporeal beings will spawn, ready to complicate the last stretch of this fight.

The Rat Wraiths will attack by calling Ghost Orbs, tossing the projectile around the map. These items can be parried, so if you can find the time between shots, slap this ball before it becomes a problem. With enough Super energy stockpiled, Cuphead can unload on this frazzled feline and send the boss packing with a fully charged Super attack. Hold out as long as you can without initiating this move, then let it loose when you need a breather. With luck, the Katzenwagen will fall, taking Werner Werman with him.

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