Cursed Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod Turns Kirby Into Emojis

While ongoing development for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is over, that hasn’t stopped players from creating their own content. Whether it's adding a new character to the fighting game or changing an existing one, there are hundreds of mods available to customize your experience. Now, a new mod lets you creep out your friends by turning Kirby into an emoji. I’m still on the fence if it’s cute or creepy.

The “Emoji Kirby Pack” comes from user Terence67 over on GameBanana. As the name implies, it adds skins for Kirby that are based on different emojis. There are currently four variations available within the pack. They include the “Laughing Emoji”, “Cold Emoji”, “Angry Emoji”, and “Purple Devil Emoji”.

Now, I know what you must be thinking: “Why would anyone want to put an emoji over Kirby’s cute pink face?”. Honestly, I have been asking myself that same question. Best I can tell, it’s just plain fun to see a walking laughing emoji slap some unsuspecting Nintendo characters in the face.

Of course, while some of us are questioning the existence of such a mod, others are completely into it. Several of the comments under the pack are praising the mod and are eagerly awaiting more. Others are throwing in their vote for which emoji Kirby should be turned into next, like the clown or nerd. Then there are some people who want to take this a step further and add sound effects to the emoji skins, with the laughing emoji emitting a giggle after pummeling its next victim.

Love it or hate it, the “Emoji Kirby Pack” is here to give us all Kirby/social media nightmares. I mean I guess it could be worse. We could have gotten an emoji-faced Mario punching his way through fighters or a giant emoji Donkey Kong to terrorize our dreams.

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