Cut Bloodborne Boss Now Playable Thanks To Mods

Bloodborne fans just can’t get enough of the game. You can’t really blame them, either. When the game released in 2015, it brought with it a story and settings that begged for further exploration. Today a cut boss is now playable with mods from data miners and one dedicated modder.

FromSoftware is known for its grueling difficulty and incredible boss battles. It’s a large part of the reason that Bloodborne is so much fun. Of course, not everything is up to snuff in the game. There are several boss fights that are “easy” compared to the usual offerings. One has to imagine that the devs at FromSoftware went through a lot of concepts before landing on the ones that would ultimately appear in the final game.

In fact, we know that they did, thanks to a team of tenacious data miners who have set out to discover everything they can about the game. “Those who follow the cut content of Bloodborne know about the Great One beast,” writes modder foxyhooligan—who brought that cut content to life. The original code didn’t leave much to work with. Rough textures and incomplete AI were all that were left until Foxy got to them.

The Great One was raised from the dead to become a fully functioning boss battle in the game, complete with animations. Foxy believes that this mod is true to how the developers at FromSoftware would have executed the boss, had they decided to leave it in the game to begin with. Unfortunately, you’ll need a modded PS4 to experience the boss battle. However, you can still see how it looks thanks to the video above.

It’s fairly safe to assume that FromSoftware is aware of this mod by now. Assuming that they are, they’re likely to see how excited the fans are to see The Great One in the flesh. One would hope that if there is a remaster or a reboot in the future that they will add an original version of The Great One that we can all experience. Until then, this is the best we can hope to get. Even so, it’s pretty great to see.

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