Cyberpunk 2077: Every Corpo Dialogue Option And Where You Can Choose It

The Corpo lifepath in Cyberpunk 2077 might sound like the worst way to play the game, but the developers managed to create a solid spot for it with a variety of dialogue options and its unique undertone. There’s many moments where Corpo V, despite having been fired from Arasaka, will have a chance to use their knowledge and skills to their advantage when navigating the ruthless structure of Night City.

In quests and gigs in particular, V’s Corpo mentality can sometimes be incredibly useful. Since much of the main quest centers around a power struggle within the Arasaka corporation, Corpo Vs will be able to get a unique insight that Streekids and Nomads might miss out on. Here’s what moments to look forward to in each quest.

During Act 1

The Corpo lifepath has quite a few special dialogues, despite not being the ideal starting lifepath for V.

  • The Ride: Corpos will be able to see through Meredith Stout’s bluff.
  • The Information: Corpos can state they’ve been Lizzie’s Bar previously, as well as figure out that Evelyn Parker knows Konpeki Plaza and Yorinobu well.

During The Pickup, interacting with Meredith Stout will reveal a lot of advantages and unique options only Corpos can enjoy.

  • Corpos can tell Meredith Stout that she’s not the one setting the terms.
  • Corpos will be able to intimidate Meredith Stout by saying she’s all by herself in her failure.
  • Corpos can also assure Meredith that they know how the corps operate.
  • Corpos can bring up the fact that the credchip has a virus on it with Meredith directly.

At Konpeki Plaza during The Heist, there’s even more alternative interactions determined by the Corpo lifepath.

  • Corpos won’t be impressed with the state of the Afterlife when first entering.
  • Corpos can simply drink “to this” at the Afterlife rather than going with Jackie’s lead.
  • Corpos will be able to start a scene with the Konpeki Plaza receptionist as a bluff.
  • Corpos who visit the bar at Konpeki Plaza can get offended by the bartender’s language.
  • Corpos will theorize that Yorinobu started a gang because he was tired of his corporate life and wanted excitement.

During Act 2

Act 2 is where the game really kicks in, and with Goro Takemura on your side, you’ll have some cool unique interactions with him since he’s also a former Corpo.

  • Playing For Time: Corpos can claim they’ve seen exterminators before, as well as theorize why Hellman may have left Arasaka.
  • Down on the Street: Corpos can express their worry about Oda being too loyal towards Arasaka.
  • Down on the Street: Corpos can try to appeal to Oda’s duty as an Arasaka soldier.
  • Down on the Street: Corpos can intimidate Wakako to avoid her calling the police and Arasaka on Takemura.

During the quest Gimme Danger with Takemura, Corpo Vs will have access to some special dialogue options that can reveal more about Arasaka’s inner workings.

  • Corpos will be able to tell the parade by Yorinobu is an attempt to strengthen his leadership position.
  • Corpos can bring up Saburo’s death and learn more about the inner factions within Arasaka from Takemura.
  • Corpos can share their unique childhood memories with Takemura.
  • Corpos can criticize their time at Arasaka while chatting with Takemura.

Another major quest line is the Panam Palmer and Aldecaldo quests. There’s not much Corpos will be able to say here, however.

  • Ghost Town: Corpos will know why Hellman is being transported by Kang Tao.
  • Riders on the Storm: Corpos can either side with Panam or Saul. When siding with Panam, V will state they know how the mission will pan out. When siding with Saul, V will say all corps operate the same way.

Meeting with the Voodoo Boys during I Walk The Line is a major turning point for Corpo Vs, who can speak more freely with the NetWatch representative.

  • Corpos can bring up NetWatch with Placide and ask about recent relations between his gang and the corporation.
  • Corpos can interrogate Bryce Mosley about NetWatch’s true intentions, as well as act friendly towards him.

Most of the Judy Alvarez side quests that center around taking down Clouds and avenging Evelyn Parker will also have some unique paths that will allow V to take advantage of their corporate knowledge.

  • Automatic Love: Corpos can intimidate Woodman by bringing up Evelyn Parker’s Arasaka ties.
  • Pisces: Corpos will have a chance of siding with Maiko and asking her for more money for supporting her. They can also tell Judy Alvarez that destroying Clouds from within would have never ended well. Alternatively, Corpos can kill Maiko and state she would have been worse than the current leader.
  • Pyramid Song: Corpos can comment on the diner sign and say they never much liked real fish over synthfish.
  • Ex-Factor: Corpos can ask what Judy’s expectations regarding Maiko are, as well as reassure Judy that Maiko is bluffing when turning down their plan.

Various side gigs and missions take advantage of Vs Corpo past as well.

  • Freedom of the Press: Corpos can argue to Max that Night City’s fixers are worse enemies to corporations than media representatives.
  • KOLD MIRAGE: Corpos will say they know Nix from before.
  • Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution: Corpos can try to persuade Maiko that hitting the Tyger Claws bosses at their homes is the best show of power.
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: Corpos can accept Rachel’s offer to leave while also asking for triple pay for walking away.

During Act 3

At Embers during Nocturne OP55N1, and during Last Caress, V will have a ton of unique options compared to other lifepaths. This is because much of the interactions will favor Corpo Vs over any other lifepath, especially the meeting with Hanako.

  • Corpos can be respectful and bow to Hanako, as well as thank her for the meeting.
  • Corpos can express to Hanako their desire to return to Arasaka, as well as their understanding of their place.
  • Corpos can insist to Misty about returning to Arasaka, and how it might be in their best interest.
  • Last Caress: Corpos can try to use Susan Abernathy’s name as a bluff to pass the security checkpoint.

The quest Totalimmortal is particularly important as it’s a choice many Corpo Vs will probably naturally take if they choose to trust Arasaka when making a choice.

  • Corpos will find out that they were never told about Saburo’s secret office inside Arasaka Tower.
  • Corpos can insist to Hanako that the shareholders need to face the truth in order to save the company.
  • Corpos can speak respectfully to Saburo when finally meeting him personally.
  • Corpos will have the chance to blame the board members for never investigating Saburo’s death.
  • Corpos can recognize the coup that takes place on Yorinobu’s screen.
  • Corpos will be able to accuse Yorinobu of being worse and more ruthless than their father for using violence to stay in power.

A Corpo Vs ending most likely culminates in Where Is My Mind?, which has V seal has mind inside an Arasaka chip. You’ll get a final chance to speak with Takemura and Johnny Silverhand.

  • Corpos will get a final conversation with Takemura, during which they’ll find out Takemura came to speak to them sincerely.
  • Corpos can doubt their ability in the treadmill test.
  • Corpos can also get irritated at Johnny for being anti-Arasaka.

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