Cyberpunk 2077: GIG: Woman Of La Mancha And Finding Alternate Paths In Night City

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is built so that you can do whatever your abilities allow you to. You can invest in tech and intelligence to hack through computer networks so you don’t get your hands dirty, or you can very literally get your hands dirty by focusing your stats on strength and assault tactics. Whichever way you want to play in Cyberpunk 2077 is valid, and the game lets you know as much because almost every mission has a hidden way to infiltrate or solve difficult encounters without too much stress.

While playing through Cyberpunk 2077 you will definitely come up against roadblocks to your progress, such as in this quest, GIG: Woman Of La Mancha. This quest should be an easy enough one to solve, but not if you don’t have the correct stats in place. But it’s an excellent example of the kind of alternate routes you can find in Cyberpunk 2077, and why you should keep your eyes open for more.

So just read through below for everything you need to solve this quest even without the correct skills, and hopefully, your imagination will be inspired for your future adventures in Night City.

GIG: Woman Of La Mancha Explained In Cyberpunk 2077

Regina is your contact at the NCPD, and she’s concerned about Anna Hamill‘s safety. Anna is a fellow NCPD officer, and she’s been faithfully digging into the corruption that is happening behind the scenes at the department. Of course, this has made her a target by higher-ups and dirty cops. Regina is a “considerate” soul, so she’s tasked you with finding Anna, meeting with her, and convincing her to either leave Night City or drop the investigation entirely – the only way she’s likely to get out of her situation alive.

And thus, you come to a hotel, and Anna is currently staying in one of the rooms here. You can enter the hotel by purchasing a room, which is luckily very cheap, but you’ll come up against a roadblock once you climb the stairs. Anna Hamill is on the third floor, and you can go up to her door, but it’ll require a skill check to open up, and Anna isn’t going to answer to a random person knocking. If you don’t have the skills necessary you can still get in, you’ll just have to be more creative about it.

Entering Anna Hamill’s Room Without Skill Checks In Cyberpunk 2077

Check the room that you booked to enter the hotel, and you’ll realise it’s directly below Anna Hamill’s room. You can enter the room and loot some junk. The junk isn’t so important, but check the balcony. Outside on the balcony there’s an electric transformer, try your jumping skills, and you’ll be able to climb it – just make sure not to climb the wrong point or fall, because that is likely going to end in death. Once on top of the transformer, you can turn around and attempt to climb Anna Hamill’s balcony – luckily her balcony door doesn’t require a skill check like her front door does. Top burglary tips, there.

Almost every mission in Cyberpunk 2077 has an option like this, a hidden entrance that isn’t flagged by the quest description or your waypoints and can only be found by scouting out the area and looking for every pathway. Many items can be climbed, many ledges can be jumped over, and almost every locked-down quest-necessary location will have an entrance for you somewhere that is skill-check free, just to ensure your character-building decisions don’t lock you out of any quests – though that certainly doesn’t mean you should expect all endings and resolutions to be available to you.

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