Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Adds Hundreds Of New Text Messages

Cyberpunk 2077's recent current-gen upgrade gave us a bunch of new content, including loads of new text interactions with romanceable characters. Even with other much-requested features being added, these new conversations proved incredibly popular (especially the naughty one with Panam), so one fan has taken it upon themselves to add even more.

The Phone Messages Overhaul over on Nexus Mods adds hundreds of new texts with various characters – and there's still more to be added further down the line. More than 200 new messages have been added to Cyberpunk, extending the game's romances and adding more quest-exclusive content. It even overhauls vanilla texts, giving players a totally new experience.

The overhaul comes courtesy of Nexus Mods user RMS. Despite only launching last week, it already adds around 280 new texts, split between Jackie and Judy. These two are the only characters to receive new content right now, but more conversations are on the way for other characters.

"Phone Messages Overhaul is a lore-friendly rework and extension for the phone message system from the game", reads the mod's description. "Each character added to the mod will get new convos, new messages, romance extension (if applied) and much, much more."

It continues: "Some messages are linked to missions or previous choices so it is not possible to see all of them in one playthrough (unless you reload previous saves)"

Using the mod will require a fresh save, but you can get stuck in now while you wait for more updates. Especially if you're a fan of Judy, and let's be honest, who isn't? She definitely gets the most out of the mod, getting 200 new messages as opposed to Jackie's 80. Which is still impressive for a guy who doesn't make it past the first act of the game.

While you're starting your new modded Cyberpunk run, it's well worth checking the Nexus Mods page out for some more ideas. As we covered recently, a new mod gives you a flying car, which is a great way to mix up your next run through Night City.

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