Cyberpunk 2077’s Player Base Has Decreased Three Times Faster Than The Witcher 3 At Launch

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 has lost players three times faster than The Witcher 3 did after it launched in 2015, showing a steep 79 percent decline in concurrent activity since its release in December.

The game, certainly one of the most anticipated of 2020, has been pretty disappointing – the multiple delays are understandable now given how badly things have turned out. The initial release was so bugged, fans waiting eagerly on GTA 6 have urged Rockstar to take its time based on the regrettable performance Cyberpunk 2077 has put on display.

The PC version of the game isn’t nearly as bad as the console iterations but, per figures collected by GitHyp, Cyberpunk isn’t currently able to hold the attention of more than 225,000 players at a time, having garnered a million concurrent players when it released on Steam last month.

The title was the subject of drama even before the December 10 release date, with reports claiming it could trigger seizures in players suffering from epilepsy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the devs came under more fire for the poor quality post-release, more so on PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Single-player games usually drop off quicker than multiplayer titles as there’s not much to do after beating them but, according to GitHyp, open-world games typically don’t follow this trend because of all that’s on offer.

CDPR has since conceded fault, admitting developers didn’t spend enough time polishing the game for the PS4 and Xbox One. Both platforms are offering refunds to dissatisfied players, with Sony going as far as taking the game off the PlayStation Store altogether.

The developers have vowed to apply fixes via big patches but there’s no word on when it might return to Sony’s store. Some of the cut content might be headed back in the form of DLC, however.

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