Damian Wayne Could Be Involved In Gotham Knights

When Gotham Knights was originally revealed, there were two questions on people's minds – is Batman really dead? And why isn't Damian Wayne in the game? Well, the devs have been very vocal with regard to Batman being – and remaining – dead, but have been rather coy about Damian. At the time, it was speculated that the son of Bruce Wayne might be revealed at a later date or could be a DLC character, but creative director Patrick Redding has now revealed that he will be involved in some capacity.

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Redding was asked if Damian was ever considered to be a part of the game. Choosing his words carefully, Redding said, "it’s hard for me to answer that question without a major spoiler. There are reasons that will become very clear why Damian’s not in the picture.” He went on to say that the reasons Damian hasn't been discussed much will become clear later on. There were also other instances in the interview where he dodged questions about Damian.

Redding's comments sure do raise a lot of questions about Damian's involvement in the game. Perhaps he had something to do with the death of his father. In the comics, it's evident that when it comes to tactics and strategy, Damian is the only member of the Bat family that can go toe-to-toe with Bruce. His connections to the League of Shadows could also be a major connection.

During his panel at SDCC, Redding was very clear that Batman is "really dead" and will remain dead at the end of the game, there will be no surprise reveal or Lazarus Pit powered resurrection for the Caped Crusader. Along with him, his arch nemesis, Joker will also not be featured in the game. However, Harley Quinn could have made the cut, as he said, "I will not confirm or deny whether Harley is [in the game]".

Lastly, Redding also mentioned that the Bat family will not be sent across the city to solve puzzles, as there will be "exactly one" Riddler question mark in the entire game.

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